BabyThoreum Team Presale Starts From 25th March

Thu Mar 31, 2022 - 2:45pm GMT+0000

– March 18, 2022

The BabyThoreum team is pleased to announce the release of its new project it considers as “the baby that everyone wanted.” The presale is set to start from 25th March.

BabyThoreum Theory

The team saw the need to grow the Thoreum project better and therefore has introduced BabyThoreum to do the job. According to the team, the “baby” was born to support the existing Thoreum and help it to “grow much stronger.”

The baby token was created in the Binance Smart Chain network and is designed to stand out from the pack. The team explained that BabyThoreum offers cryptocurrency users freedom in the cryptocurrency sector, ease of use, professionalism, and seriousness.


1.     Distribution holders

First on the list are the distribution holders. They will receive a portion of the token according to purchases and sales. The former will receive 6% of the total supply while the latter will be allocated 8%.

2.     Burning

1% of the total supply will be burned to reduce the volume of coins and circulation, thereby increasing the coin’s appreciation.

3.     Marketing

Understanding the importance of marketing’s role in giving the project maximum publicity and global exposure, the team will allocate 4% and 6% to purchases and sales respectively.

4.     Autoliquidity

A commission of 1% will be allocated to self-liquidity. According to the team, that is achievable as the currency is strengthened daily with less likelihood that much damage can be caused by large sales.

5.     Developers

While other projects allocate 1% to the developers, the BabyThoreum team takes a different course by not having any wallet in its name to ensure smooth and error-free distributions.

How to Buy BabyThoreum

Interested members of the cryptocurrency community are invited to purchase the $BABYTHOREUM token. The team has made it easy for prospective investors to join the train.

1.     Download TrustWallet or MetaMask

Download the TrustWallet phone app or MetaMask, a crypto extension, and set it up. After the setup, update your network list with the Binance Smart Chain.

2.     Buy and Send BNB

Buy BNB on any of the recognized exchanges such as Kraken, Binance, and Coinbase. After purchasing the token, send it to the MetaMask wallet address.

3.     Swap on PancakeSwap

After transferring your token to the MetaMask wallet address, visit PancakeSwap and select BABYTHOREUM. Then set the slippage tolerance to between 15% and 18%, depending on the demand.

After swapping the BNB for BABYTHOREUM, update your TrustWallet or MetaMask with BABYTHOREUM to view your $BABYTHOREUM. Hold the token for as long as you desire.

Note that the $BABYTHOREUM presale will start on March 25, 2022.

The BabyThoreum team explained that it is more than just a token. It added that it created a platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to perform several crypto-related activities.

In its words, “we want to be the best and for this, we will develop numerous platforms throughout the project so that members and new people can interact with them, either by creating their own NFT exchanging currencies, and blocking the tokens in a staking to generate benefits in the short, medium, or long term.”

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