Anger Management Retreats, by STAR Foundation, Helps Participants Take Back Control to Transform their Life

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Tubac, AZ – March 28, 2022

For more than forty years, STAR Foundation has been offering retreats to help individuals with anger management issues. STAR uses a variety of techniques to address the symptoms of anger when it is activated in the present moment, as well as strategies for exploring the origins and roots of the anger. Learning how to manage anger and regulate emotions in real time is meaningful, but without a deeper understanding of the pattern itself, and the function that anger has been serving in the present, an individual will never be totally free.

You cannot talk your way through an anger management problem. Anger lives in the emotions, in the body itself. STAR doesn’t attempt to remedy anger issues through talk therapy. Rather, STAR is an experiential program. The STAR process incorporates the latest research in neuroscience, attachment theory, trauma work, grief work, and mindfulness practices. At STAR, participants are provided with opportunities to explore early life experiences and messages that contribute to internalized negative beliefs and destructive behavioral patterns. The STAR program is designed from first day to last to help participants work through and then move beyond old beliefs, allowing them to open up to new possibilities for themselves and their future. 

Individuals coming to STAR with anger management and emotional regulation challenges will have the opportunity to explore old patterns and wounds that may be buried below the surface of consciousness while having a negative impact in the present day. STAR examines those historic wounds, moments of shame and humiliation, traumas and violations that we carry within. Are there deep hurts that still live inside the body, in the mind and heart? STAR encourages individuals to look closely at their early modeling for managing emotions and conflict. Where and how did you learn to express anger? How was conflict managed in your family of origin and early experiences? What lessons did you take forward into your life and relationships?  

 STAR gets people back in touch with their voice, and with their physical being. STAR looks to shake up fixed patterns, go past old armor and defenses, and allow people to explore vulnerable places within, below all the lines of defense, the walls and masks that we are accustomed to using to stay safe.

 During a STAR anger management retreat, individuals will look at how they protect themselves, how they use boundaries in their lives. Do our boundaries keep others out in a way that doesn’t serve us? Do the defenses we’ve erected keep us isolated and alone and disconnected from ourselves and the people we need in our lives? Do we have inadequate boundaries that put us into needlessly defensive positions? Anger can certainly be one strategy to keep others at a distance.  

Anger can come out directly, aggressively, or it can come out sideways, and poison relationships. Dysregulated anger can destroy marriages, friendships, families and careers. Individuals may engage in a cycle of anger expressed inappropriately, followed by shame, followed by self-destructive and shadow behaviors. 

STAR will create a path that the individual must then walk. STAR will give individuals tools to help manage strong emotions, tools to increase inner clarity and guidance, to establish a healthy inner dialogue when future conflicts emerge. 

STAR helps to build up the inner “wise adult” that can handle frustration, some distress, tension and conflict, without resorting to harmful behaviors. We can learn to sit with our discomfort, take time-outs to build ourselves back up, before we re-engage with people who are important in our lives. We don’t do this by tamping down feelings, by suppressing emotions, but by going towards them, and gaining a deeper understanding of our emotional self.  

This work is intimate. It is personal. STAR operates in a small group format with no more than  

25 participants at each retreat. The group is a source of healing and strength and community. Every day the focus shifts back and forth between the group process and the individual healing process. STAR offers an extraordinary staff to participant ratio of 1:2. Each participant is assigned a facilitator who will work with them one-on-one to support them through the STAR process and ensure their individual needs are being addressed. One staff member works individually with only 2 participants, which sets STAR far apart from other retreats. 

Attending a STAR healing retreat is an investment in oneself. Taking 10 days to leave everything at home and dive into the deep inner work is not easy. One participant expressed the following, “It was difficult for me at times. I was worried it wouldn’t work and that I wouldn’t change. I had an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I learned so much about myself and am ready to stand in my truth.” This work has the potential to change lives, to heal relationships, and create a new path forward: letting go of the things that need to be discarded, and holding close to the people and things that truly matter. STAR creates a path for a new beginning, beyond anger, beyond shame, towards the heart. A STAR retreat may be the right next step.

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