WeFund emerges as a new and leading community with a crowdfunding launchpad built on Terra blockchain.

Wed Mar 30, 2022 - 9:24am GMT+0000

London, UK – March 17, 2022

Although many projects can’t be trusted, some projects have good intentions. However, there are risks and roadblocks for investors. Early-stage crypto and blockchain projects can be challenging and may require a high minimum investment that will limit the average investor. Additionally, monitoring the project’s development can be a burden and provide feedback/approval. As a result, there is a risk that this project will have undelivered achievement and would be unable to return any unused funds to the investors. 

WeFund is a new community crowdfunding launchpad built on the Terra blockchain to address these problems for blockchain and real-world projects. WeFund has a unique system with investor security, community, and project creator accountability in mind. “It means the WeFund project investors will vote for each milestone of a project’s development that will release the funds required to achieve its next milestone. Increase transparency, minimize risk and hold projects accountable for raised funds,” said Ika Afifah as a CMO Wefund.

All projects looking to be on the WeFund platform must go through a vetting and due diligence process by the WeFund team and its advisors, so only high-quality projects are available for fundraising.  

For example, if a project is looking to raise $50,000, the project creators will need to identify a series of milestones and its expected cost (WeFund can work with the project creators on this). For this example, we can assume this project will need $10,000 for platform development, $20,000 for marketing, and so on.

Every project will have a dedicated smart contract that automatically deposits funds raised into Terra’s saving protocol, Anchor. The first $10,000 will be released to the project creator to complete its first milestone within a predetermined period. When the milestone is complete, the project investors will vote whether or not this meets their expectations. If the milestone is approved, the next set of funds, in this example $20,000, will be automatically released to the project creators. 

If the milestone is not approved, the remaining funds will be returned to the investors. WeFund does not touch any of the funds raised with this system and smart contracts, and the entire fundraising process is transparent. 

To further separate itself from other launchpads, WeFund does not require any payment from project creators or take a commission on the funds raised. Project creators have the option to extend with UST, WeFund’s native token (coming soon), and other stablecoins (coming soon). WeFund generates its revenue in three ways. First, WeFund takes a 1% transaction fee from project investors. Second, project creators can pay to advertise their project on WeFund’s platform and social media. Projects that raise with WeFund’s native token will have free advertising. Finally, all yield generated in Anchor for a project’s fundraising is for WeFund. If a project fails to meet its milestones and funds are returned, the Anchor yield will be split 50/50 between WeFund and the project backers. 

In addition to WeFund’s unique milestone and community system, WeFund is being developed to act as an incubator for early-stage projects with innovative and exciting value propositions but may need help from experts and advisors to get off the ground. As WeFund scales, it will be able to provide additional resources to these projects to help them meet the community’s expectations and increase the chance of success after all fundraising has been completed.

WeFund has partnered with launchpads, incubation, and research centers such as The Africa Blockchain Center, Kommunitas, Luna-pad, FTM Launch, and more. The purpose of these partnerships is to bring high-quality projects to the WeFund platform and ensure every project has the resources and community to raise the needed funds and be prosperous. The Africa Blockchain Center’s mission is to be a leading African research and innovation center for Blockchain and DLT (Distributed Ledger) technologies. The launchpad partners provide access to a large community of investors.

Upcoming projects on the www.WeFund.app include Pandai Crypto, Portal Kripto, and Lynxverse, with many more in the pipeline. Pandai Crypto, a learn-to-earn platform built on Terra, recently conducted an AMA with WeFund to prepare and inform the WeFund community about the project for its launch. 

WeFund is open for Seed and Presale investment. Investments can be made directly on the WeFund platform. Seed and Presale will secure WeFund’s native token (WFD) at a low price and will be released on the Token Generation Event in Q2 2022 with a vesting schedule. Presale investment is open to the public with no minimum investment required. Seed investment is reserved for accredited investors and will need to contact Info@WeFund.app

About WeFund

WeFund is a community crowdfunding incubator for blockchain and real-world projects built on various blockchains, including Terra, Solana, Ethereum, and more. WeFund’s platform is built on the Terra blockchain, a stablecoin-based ecosystem with high-quality protocols, low gas fees, and a strong community. WeFund can implement various blockchain and real-world projects, bridging the real world and blockchain gap.

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