Three Women Leaders Share Career and Leadership Superpower Skills For Success During COVID 19

Sat Aug 15, 2020 - 9:10am GMT+0000

In the past few months, many women have pondered the idea of starting a business during the COVID 19 pandemic. For some people, it has become an opportunity to pause and examine their lives.

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Three successful women leaders have come together to share insight into career and leadership superpowers that can help women rocket to success like a superhero.

Karissa Williams, founder of, Bellevue, Nebraska, likens being a career-focused Bossbabe mama to being a Superhero.

“Many of us are trying to balance our careers, school, family, side hustles, relationships, healthy eating, social lives (and yes even) self-care,” Williams said. “Let’s face it; life is hard and can get overwhelming very quickly! But it doesn’t have to be.”

Williams said that everyone should have non-negotiable daily habits: exercise, clean eating, meditation, getting enough sleep, and tons of self-care. “After years of getting it ‘wrong,’I realized I could not be my best self for anyone if I don’t take care of myself first.”

Williams said it is vital to “step back and reevaluate your daily habits and routines. Then make tiny shifts every day that work towards healthier habits.”

Williams said it’s important to know your priorities are not the same as someone else. “Identify your priorities and set boundaries,” she said. “Your priorities are unique to your personality, your situation, your likes, and dislikes, your lifestyle, and your values.”

Another tip Williams offers is to play big and follow your heart. “Life is filled with so many moments of courage and fearful experiences. As bosses, stay at home mamas, and career workaholics, it’s our responsibility to live our best life,” she said. “As humans, we can choose to stay stuck or choose to rise up and play big. When facing a setback, career obstacle, or major moment of uncertainty, we need to quiet the world’s noise and ask our heart and gut what we really want. Our body holds so much wisdom we just need to slow down and listen to it. Once your heart tells you what it truly wants, then you must step up and play big. Your actions need to match your heart’s true desires,” Williams said. “Let go of other people’s opinions, beliefs, and self-judgment and say ‘yes’ to more of what makes you happy.”

C. Simone Rivers, MBA, CSP, CLC is CEO of Triggering Light LLC, a personal development consultancy in the Washington, D. C. area. She sees leadership as vital for navigating business now and in the future. Rivers breaks down the concept of leadership superpowers to the 4 Cs: Creativity, Commitment, Conversation, and Connection.

“COVID 19 has certainly taught us that creativity is a success principle. Sure, you might have heard other words like pivot or turn. But what were you pivoting or turning toward amid this crisis except for a new way of doing business?” Rivers asks. “Don’t ever stop allowing creativity to engage your ability to find solutions for ambiguous problems as well as those you know. Uncertainty begs creativity in leadership, so that you are the one to follow, while everyone else watches.”

“As a personal growth strategist working with clients of varying backgrounds, I have found that my commitment to their success is the key to my success,” said Rivers. “It required that my perception of leadership move from “I” to “We” in our relationship and work together. I am in partnership with my clients, committed to their success.”

“Leadership is a conversation. Conversation is more than talking to your client. It is listening to the things your clients have to say. Speaking with my clients has spawned new programs and solutions that continue to grow my business. They share the problem, and leaders create solutions,” Rivers said.

To illustrate the term connection, Rivers explained, “A friend of learned how to dance the Salsa and couldn’t wait to let me know,” River said to illustrate the term connection. “Sometime after, he invited me out to an event where he would be dancing. He completely blew me away with his dancing skills. That proves it! In the words of the late Walter Payton, ‘When you are good at something, you will tell everyone. But, when you are great at something, they will tell you.’ The same is true as leaders. Your clients will tell you when you have connected. How do they tell you? They tell you by offering testimonials to people you don’t know and creating additional connecting opportunities for you.”

Feleshia Sams, of the Academy of Advanced Cosmetics, Alpharetta, Georgia, said planning is a huge key to success for women entrepreneurs, especially during Covid-19. Since creating a business plan is a massive task, many people don’t do it.

“I always tell my students to start small with a mission statement, goals, financial projections, budgeting, and finally marketing,” Sams said. “Second, I would say to take on the mantra that failure is not an option,” she explained. “I never feel as if I can fail. If something goes wrong, regroup, and recreate. For example, if walk-in retail sales are down. Move online. If online sales are down, add more appealing products. Don’t give up and accept failure, just regroup and recreate.”

As a successful business owner at the Academy of Advanced Cosmetics, Sams works with myriad students and helps them grow. She suggests that “you should surround yourself with leaders who have and run successful businesses,” she said.

“My goal is never to be the smartest and most successful one in the room. I get so much knowledge from others who have done more than I have. Surrounding yourself with successful leaders will inspire you to keep pushing through,” Sams said.

Sams’ insights prove true during COVID 19 and will remain solid into the future.

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