The Ultimate Guide to Best Methods of Marketing In Social Media for 2020

Fri Jul 10, 2020 - 2:33am GMT+0000

Serial entrepreneur Jose L. De Vivo shares the best tips to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals to succeed in the world’s most engaging social media platform – Instagram.

Miami, United States – July 9, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

Jose L. De Vivo (@joseldevivo) is a successful serial entrepreneur with a focus on business consulting and in the digital marketing industry. With his social media expertise, Jose has successfully helped and managed over 1,000 marketing campaigns. He has often stated he is in the people’s business and provides individuals with the right training tools, and support to create residual income to obtain financial freedom. His group of superstars (as how he often relates to his team) is a huge benefactor of how he can ‘make things happen.’

Jose’s goal is to help as many business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone willing to establish their brand by gaining the right attention on social media. He believes that online marketing channels are useful in helping individuals advance with their career objectives – if used correctly and taken seriously. Now more than ever, with people’s eyes all over the media, he claims is a perfect time and opportunity for individuals to scale their businesses to the next level. He understands that achieving the desired results may be difficult, which is why he created the IG Marketing Agency.

For people hoping to accomplish their goals, Jose leads by example with a ridiculous work ethic and daily success principles. Healthy habits and routines are part of Jose’s teachings which offer a “grow from within” experience to those that are truly committed in the advancement of their lives, both personally and professionally.

About the IG Marketing Agency: IGMA is more than a marketing agency. It is a professional consulting firm created with the intent of transforming people’s lives for the better. By leveraging your social media accounts, mainly Instagram, users can reach their full potential in an area where 80% of today’s advertising is being made – online.

These are the 8 best Instagram growth hacks of 2020:

1. Pick a niche. Decide where to focus on, create, and stick to it. Ex: Fitness, Travel, Beauty.
2. Choose a ‘catchy’ Instagram handle. Ex: For a realtor, who’s name is Jhon Smith, having something like @Smithrealty or @Johnrealty rather than @johnsmith in their handle would work best.
3. Specific on what needs to be accomplished. Having a clear goal of what result the individual is after. Ex: Gain 2,000 followers in July 2020
4. Have an eye-catching bio. WHO, WHAT, WHY should people follow and a Call-to-action (CTA).
5. Use IGTV videos. Three seconds count as a view and the more views provides chances of going viral.
6. Users that Collaborate with similar accounts constantly. Especially on shout-outs for shout-outs. Influencers work best.
7. The correct use of relevant hashtags. Using a tool will help rank properly.
8. Market research. Success and opportunities on Instagram are no different than in real life. The more prepared and knowledgeable someone is of a topic, the better are the chances of succeeding.the more you will lead. Of course, this is not always easy or simple. Hiring a mentor increases an individual’s chances of success, dramatically.

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