The road to modernization: Beijing Handian Pharmaceutical uses the modern tech give Traditional Chinese Medicine a new connotation

Mon Jul 13, 2020 - 9:48am GMT+0000

In the eyes of most people, traditional Chinese medicine is a mysterious knowledge from the ancient East.

July 13, 2020

In the eyes of most people, traditional Chinese medicine is a mysterious knowledge from the ancient East. The profound Chinese herbal medicines seem like ordinary herbs, but have excellent effects on many diseases. It’s a pity that the unknown behind Chinese herbal medicine has deterred many people from trying it. Fortunately, many Chinese companies have begun to use modern scientific research technology to study and standardize Chinese medicine so that this ancient wisdom can benefit the world. Beijing Handian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. from China is one of the pioneers in this endeavor.

Beijing Handian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise located in Beijing. The company, with “Great Medicine Sincerity” as its core concept, possesses strong scientific research capability, and aim to explore the philosophy and science of traditional Chinese medicine. By adopting modern science and technology to inherit the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, the company has successfully developed a variety of classic Chinese patent medicines, such as BuzhongYiqi granules for frailty diseases, Xiaochaihu granules for typhoid, exogenous diseases and influenza, and ShenlingBaizhu granules for digestive system diseases, etc..

The global pandemic has been raging since the beginning of this year. Experts from Handian Pharmaceutical Medical Center and Handian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital have devoted to develop relevant drugs since then. They carefully analyzed the characteristics of the disease, consulted a large number of ancient classics of traditional Chinese medicine, and actively looked for ways to fight against such diseases. At last, they initially developed “Taishen Granules” (also known as Handian HD1) that could alleviate to the symptoms of the pandemic. The pharmacological experiments are still in progress to further improve its safety and effectiveness research. The company is also seeking international cooperation for further clinical research and drug registration, so that this product can contribute to international health care soon.

In the future, the company hopes to give full play to its strong scientific research capability to develop more Chinese patent medicine products that are suitable for European and American physique and acceptable to European and American people, so as to utilize the power of Chinese medicine to serve the world.

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