The Microsoft Copilot app is a quietly released AI initiative that warrants your attention.

Tue Jan 9, 2024 - 3:30am GMT+0000

The holidays are typically a time for relaxation and festivities, but the fast-paced nature of Big Tech means there’s rarely a moment to unwind, especially when there’s a new product to promote.

Amidst the holiday activities, Microsoft slyly released its latest AI assistant app, Copilot, on Android and iOS, hoping it would go unnoticed during the festive season.

On the surface, Copilot resembles the previously launched Bing Chat app, allowing for natural conversations, question-answering, email drafting, and internet searching. However, Copilot is distinguished by its sophisticated AI, incorporating GPT-3.5 and even the more advanced GPT-4 in certain functionalities. This technology enables Copilot to comprehend context, maintain intricate discussions, and create highly realistic text and imagery.

Usually, accessing GPT-4 comes with a significant cost, but Microsoft is offering this high-powered AI interaction for free through Copilot.

This launch is a strategic move by Microsoft, releasing Copilot quietly during the holidays to let its capabilities speak for themselves. This has positioned Microsoft significantly in the AI assistant market, introducing advanced generative models to the masses.

The impact of Copilot’s capabilities and the public’s reaction remains to be seen. Will the holiday timing help Microsoft normalize this advanced AI, or will there be a backlash once its power is fully recognized? While Copilot is not yet a complete replacement for apps like ChatGPT, its discreet introduction into the market ensures it will be a notable contender in the AI assistant field moving forward. The future of AI just became even more intriguing with this release.