The Feminine Advantage: Women in Business Share Feminine Super Powers for Success

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Women are creating new businesses at a fast clip of 1,821 per day, according to the National Association of Women Business Owners.

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Five women business leaders stepped up and offered their advice to help women claim their unique feminine superpowers for success.

Embrace the Feminine Advantage

“To be a woman is to have a superpower,” said Caitlin Doemmer, of in Apple Valley, California.”Believe in your magic,” Doemmer said. “Too many women feel the need to amp up their masculine qualities to “get ahead,” but our world is craving authentic, powerful femininity. Femininity is about connection, collaboration, and flow — the hallmarks of this new generation of leaders.”

Doemmer embraces the concepts of confidence juxtaposed with humor as a foundational for success.

“Own every room,” she said. “ Confidence is an unshakeable trust in yourself and the Universe which manifests as self-given permission to belong wherever you are. Think of your personal confidence as an ocean—  while things may feel unsettled or stormy on the surface, everything remains calm and peaceful in the heart of the sea.

Doemmer added, “One of the easiest ways to project personal power is to put others at ease through the gift of humor. The ability to laugh at yourself and the ridiculous will create a culture of lightheartedness that will attract intelligent and delightful people to you.”

Use Tangible Vision Tools

Teresa Hawley-Howard of WOM Enterprises Publishing & Promotion, in Murchison, Texas, is a firm believer in following your heart and staying true to your vision. Hawley-Howard advised, “ Write your vision and then take action daily toward it! You are unique and so is your dream and vision! So, listen to your heart!”

Hawley-Howard said that a great tool to use to move forward on the journey to success is to use a vision board, vision journal, or audio affirmations and goals. “Your intuition is usually right on! So, listen to that voice inside. You are meant for greatness. Don’t let others take the wind from your sails. Do not let the negativity or setbacks discourage you! Continue to work on your dream daily!”

Perseverance and Self-Esteem

International Recording Jazz Artist Donna Singer, Ph.D. of Emerald Baby Recording Company, Palm Springs, Florida, believes there are three key factors that can help independent artists take their business to the next level: Perseverance, proper planning, and being your own best cheerleader! 

As a successful jazz vocalist who has just released her 7th CD “Set Your Heart Free”, Donna Singer believes that proper planning is essential to getting your music heard. (Her ideas can be used by any entrepreneur.) Many of us don’t have record companies investing hundreds of thousands of dollars to get our music heard, which means we have to do a lot of the legwork ourselves. Have you registered your songs; have you identified the optimal platforms to showcase your music; do you have a social media strategy; when do you send your CD to reviewers? There is so much involved in making sure your music gets the audience it deserves and planning it all out is essential.

You can never forget that you need to be the person who believes in you the most! Never let an opportunity go by where you are not joyfully sharing the greatness of you! Be your own best cheerleader!

Finally, you have to do the work every day.  Donna’s albums have charted, she’s toured Europe (Paris, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland) and the USA (Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center) Finding the best musicians, rehearsing as often as you can, finding the songs that speak to who you are and what you’re all about, are just some of the things you have to do and you have to do them all! And when you finally have a product that represents the best of you, go for it with confidence and joy that you did everything right.

Hard Lessons Build Pillars of Success
Jamie M, Gilleland, of, Statesboro, Georgia, has been on her feminine success journey for four decades. “I’ve learned countless tips and tricks and it all comes down to some basics. First, believe in yourself and what you are building, but ONLY build it if it can be firmly grounded in reality.”

Gilleland said. “Many entrepreneurs plan on changing the world, but they’ve never taken the time to ask other successful leaders if the foundation of their idea is sound.”

She pointed out that often women try and do everything themselves only to find that they need help. “You cannot do it all, and why would you want to? You can try to be Wonder Woman all you want to, but you must learn to delegate, systemize, and create a reliable business plan that allows you to lead, not become bogged down in technical work.”

Often women business owners are strapped for cash because they fail to charge appropriately. “The money will never take care of itself,” she said describing how often it’s easy to get caught in the passion of the endeavors.”When you’re doing what you love, it’s easy to underestimate your value or to allow projects to become far larger than what you agreed to do. You MUST ensure you are always acting in congruence with your business’ finances, not just your client’s expectations.”

Simplicity for Success Secrets

Diane Chasick of in Merritt Island, Florida, says simplicity is key to success.
“Don’t spread yourself too thin. You cannot lead from a position of strength when you are so stressed or exhausted from trying to keep up with everything,” Chasick said. “The best thing you can do is to take care of yourself first, so carve out time to exercise, meditate, eat right, and clear your brain every day.”
She pointed out that many people are accustomed to working for someone else and it takes training to transition into leadership roles. “This challenge may look like herding cats, but team consultants can be guided into quick success by employing a volunteer coordinator mindset.” That they understand what’s in it for them is essential.
Chasick herds a team of her own cats in her business LifeSmile Health. She said that communication is the key to creating a successful business structure. Remember most people new to the whole “being your own boss” thing also need structure, defined responsibilities, and getting accolades. Set guidelines have training assignments, and team meetings to make the coordinated efforts of all, rise to the importance for the individual.”

The Feminine Advantage

Doemmer calls it the “Feminine Advantage. “When you embrace your feminine advantage, you will stand out like a red dress in a sea of black suits.”

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