STAR Foundation’s Healing Retreat Offers Healing from the Deep Pain of Grief and Loss in a Nurturing and Supportive Environment

Mon Apr 11, 2022 - 12:00pm GMT+0000

TUBAC, AZ – March 29, 2022

For more than four decades, the STAR Foundation has offered retreats to help individuals heal from the deeply-felt pain and sorrow associated with grief and loss. Given the state of affairs in the world, particularly following the period of loss and disruption that we’ve collectively experienced, the need to process grief in a healthy and authentic way has never been greater. 

If a person lives a long life, they will inevitably experience many losses; they are part and parcel of the human experience. Individuals may face the deaths of loved ones, separation from family members, divorce, loss of health, financial or career losses, loss of home or property. Other losses, though not as tangible, have an enormous impact: the loss of a dream, opportunity or potential, the loss of an identity.   

When faced with losses such as these, grief is a natural emotional reaction. It is healthy and healing to grieve. Unfortunately, our society can be very uncomfortable with death and loss, making the grieving process that much more difficult. Many individuals don’t feel they have the space to honor and express their grief. In some cases, repressed, unexpressed grief can manifest as depression and become pathologized. 

A grieving person should be lovingly supported and allowed to take the time they need to metabolize and integrate their experience. They may need to go through many emotional stages, from sorrow to fear to anger to eventual acceptance. Too often, however, individuals processing losses are not fully supported by their network of friends, family, even health care providers. The pressure to “get over” their grief may rob them of the organic nature of their individual healing process.  

When individuals suppress the grieving process, healing will take much, much longer, if it ever fully occurs, and the personal costs will be many. Rather than feel pressure to move on, individuals hoping to heal deep wounds need a caring and supportive environment where losses can be grieved, without judgment, and individuals can allow their grieving process to unfold naturally.  

Profoundly personal and one of life’s most difficult challenges, grief is often compounded by past experiences. These echoes from the past may be previous losses of a family member, friend, or pet, health or financial challenges, as well as significant life transitions like divorce or becoming an ’empty-nester.’ At a STAR healing retreat, participants identify and explore how past experiences, family dynamics, and societal conditioning may influence them in the present and act as potential blocks to their healing process.

A STAR retreat offers participants an opportunity to fully surrender to their unique grief process. In a safe and highly nurturing environment, they can go deeply into their grief and stay with it as long as they need to. Retreat participants are free to express all emotions— whatever they may be, fully and completely. STAR facilitators and staff gently support and guide participants as they come to understand that what they are feeling is a normal and necessary expression.

Dealing with the emotions, anger, stress, and distress that come with loss can be the most challenging thing we have ever experienced. But when the challenge to heal— to change — is embraced, hearts open, and tragedies can become bridges to more wholeness and light. During a STAR retreat participants discover their inner strength, grow in their wisdom, and discover that working deeply in their grief can lead to healing and expansion of self.

If you are looking for compassionate support to heal from your loss so you can find reconnection with your inner light, a STAR therapy retreat may be right for you. 

When you’re ready, STAR is here.

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