SOLLONG Officially Released: Ushering in the Full-Chain DEPIN Era through Multi-Platform Collaboration

Mon Jun 3, 2024 - 9:15am GMT+0000

SOLLONG Officially Released: Ushering in the Full-Chain DEPIN Era through Multi-Platform Collaboration

Silicon Valley, California, United States – June 3, 2024

On May 30, 2024, SOLLONG announced the official launch of its SOLLONG PLUTO version, marking a new pioneering stage in the development of SOLANA’s leading DEPIN infrastructure. Addressing the core issue of handling large-scale data demands and an explosive increase in users has become a recent priority for SOLLONG. The latest update of SOLLONG lays the foundation for multi-platform collaboration, transitioning DEPIN from a Web3 infrastructure to an expanded ecosystem.

Full-Chain DEPIN: The Catalyst for the Data Sharing Economy

SOLLONG is dedicated to building a truly decentralized digital ecosystem by combining DEPIN technology with blockchain, creating a secure and efficient digital payment and data management platform. The concept of full-chain DEPIN aims to integrate distributed computing resources globally, achieving more efficient and reliable data processing and payment services.

The launch of SOLLONG PLUTO MOBILE accelerates this progress. As the mobile gateway to the digital ecosystem, PLUTO MOBILE acts as both the bridge between the SOLLONG ecosystem and its users and the connector between DEPIN technology and real-life applications. This mobile device integrates all functions of the SOLLONG platform, including payments, transfers, transaction inquiries, and more, offering users a new digital life experience.

Through continuous upgrades in software, hardware, and computing clusters, SOLLONG has strengthened its collaborations with industry partners such as financial institutions and tech companies. In an era where product capabilities are paramount, SOLLONG is poised to expand its digital ecosystem’s influence and service scope, providing users with a richer and more comprehensive digital life experience.

Global Computing Power Aggregation: Enhancing Ecosystem Efficiency

By introducing global computing power aggregation technology, SOLLONG integrates computing resources worldwide to support more efficient and reliable blockchain transactions and data processing. Aggregating computing power allows SOLLONG to achieve faster transaction confirmations and lower transaction costs, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the entire ecosystem.

1. Smart Contract Payment Flow: Balancing Security and Flexibility

In the SOLLONG ecosystem, the smart contract payment flow has been further upgraded and optimized, incorporating advanced encryption and smart contract technologies. This enhances payment flexibility and speeds up transactions. Users can enjoy the convenience of near-instant transaction confirmations and customize computing power usage conditions and trigger events according to their needs, achieving a more personalized and secure DEPIN experience.

2. Data Processing and Storage Optimization: Creating Efficient and Secure Data Management

Within the SOLLONG ecosystem, DEPIN computing power is extensively applied in data processing and storage. By optimizing the allocation and utilization of computing resources, SOLLONG can provide faster and more reliable data processing and storage services, offering users efficient and secure data management solutions, thus providing a solid foundation for the development of the digital ecosystem.

3. SOLLONG Official Version: Innovation-Driven Development

SOLLONG continuously updates and optimizes its products, introducing new features and services to meet the growing needs of its users. The launch of global computing power aggregation, multi-chain support, and upgraded smart contract payment flow functionalities have further enhanced the platform’s competitiveness and user experience, injecting new vitality and momentum into the digital payment industry.

Future Outlook: Co-Creating a Bright Future for the Digital Ecosystem

The launch of SOLLONG 2.0 not only signifies a significant breakthrough in the DEPIN industry but also brings users a more convenient and secure digital life experience. With the ongoing development of the sharing economy, SOLLONG will continue to uphold the principles of openness, sharing, and innovation, working with global partners to advance the digital ecosystem and realize the vision of a fully interconnected full-chain DEPIN era.

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