Revolutionary AV Technology Transforms Event Production

Thu Apr 13, 2023 - 8:32am GMT+0000

Preevue Joins Forces with Frameless as Their Event Visualization Supplier

Preevue’s innovative technology has ushered in a new era of event suppliers, and they are proud to announce their partnership with Frameless as the designated ‘Event Visualization Supplier’.

Preevue Ltd stands as the foremost visualization studio in the United Kingdom, with a specialized focus on LiDAR scanning and the creation of photorealistic digital twins tailored for the creative industries. Among Preevue’s esteemed clientele are industry giants such as NBCUniversal, Disney, Ambassador Theatre Group, The Science Museum, The Royal Opera House, and numerous others. Today, Preevue proudly announces an exciting new partnership with Frameless, an innovative immersive art gallery in London that is pioneering the boundaries of immersive experiences.

In its capacity as the preferred Event Visualisation Supplier for Frameless, Preevue will deliver cutting-edge technology and expertise to craft intricate 3D digital representations of Frameless’ distinctive spaces. These digital assets will empower private and corporate event clients with the ability to envision their events fully within Frameless’ distinctive and customizable environments well in advance. This foresight will enable them to plan and execute their events with absolute confidence.

Dean Drury, Event Sales & Marketing Manager for Frameless, commented, “Collaborating with Preevue allows our clients to envisage their events within the four galleries and showcases the unique possibilities when selecting Frameless as their event venue. Preevue’s technology will also aid our sales team during venue visits and expedite the decision-making process by enabling potential clients to visualize the space for any type of event.”

Situated in the heart of London, Frameless is a one-of-a-kind gallery that offers an unparalleled experience for both private and corporate events. It serves as a blank canvas for clients to materialize their dream events or transport their guests to any global setting. Through the partnership with Preevue, clients can fully visualize their events in advance, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Ryan Metcalfe, Managing Director of Preevue, expressed, “We are tremendously thrilled to collaborate with Frameless and leverage our expertise in LiDAR scanning and digital twins to enhance their immersive gallery. This partnership presents a distinctive opportunity for Preevue to demonstrate the potential of our technology and craft truly remarkable events for Frameless’ clients.”

About Preevue:

Established in 2016, Preevue is a visualization studio specializing in LiDAR scanning and the development of digital twins tailored for the creative industries. The adept team at Preevue employs cutting-edge technology to meticulously craft digital models of buildings and spaces, enabling clients to bring their visions to life.

About Frameless:

Frameless, a groundbreaking immersive art gallery, is rapidly emerging as London’s premier immersive event venue, providing a blank canvas for private and corporate events. The gallery’s unique spaces grant clients the opportunity to materialize their dream events, all within the breathtaking setting at the heart of London.