PPE Provider RTB MED Offers Necessary Second Wave Supplies for Institutional and Governmental Needs

Tue Sep 22, 2020 - 1:03pm GMT+0000

Leading PPE Supplier Focuses on USA-Made Medical Products and Biodegradable Melt-blown Materials

Los Angeles, United States – September 22, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

Today RTB-MED, formerly known as ROTANIBOC and one of the leading US importers of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), announced their new website and the next acquisition and distribution delivery of US-made surgical masks, biodegradable melt-blown fabrics for PPE and the Alcohol pads for Covid-19 vaccine use. RTB-MED is noted for its quality control and reputation as a well-known importer and supplier of medical products including: FDA approved IR Thermometers, face shields, surgical 3-ply masks, isolation gowns, single use scrubs, fluid-resistant coveralls, hand sanitizer/wipes and NIOSH/CDC approved N95 respirator masks.

According to a spokesperson for RTB-MED, “Given the surge of 50,000+ new coronavirus cases per day in the United States, and the expectation of a possible and more serious second wave, it is critical for businesses to prepare for the continuation of protecting employees, customers and the civilian population. RTB-MED offers ‘Made in the USA,’ FDA compliant Level III surgical masks, which are now available to distributors that are low on supplies and must stock up.”

Securing critically needed PPE is an ongoing national requirement, as global news has begun reporting on second wave infections. Emergency lockdowns have been mandated based on the reinfection and reemergence of COVID-19, and no one knows when the danger will be over. The company also partners on a cutting-edge, earth-friendly, biodegradable spun-bond melt-blown fabric, which can be used for isolation gowns and surgical masks, in order to reduce the “single use” plastic impact on the environment, which is another result of COVID-19 pollution.

Just recently, there have been many inquiries for NIOSH/CDC approved N95 respirator masks due to the tragic fires in California and Oregon. Respiratory distress from smoke and particulates during the Pandemic is adding to the vital need for safe PPE for everyone. This demand is putting a lot of pressure on suppliers like RTB-MED to produce and distribute even more supplies than originally expected. The company is devoted to all efforts to meet this demand and has logistic systems in place to deliver the necessary protective gear to front line workers and patients alike.

RTB-MED has developed and ordered its own RTB-MED branded alcohol swab pads for use in the injection process. The pads, which have the 70% isopropyl alcohol content required by medical professionals, was manufactured in anticipation of the millions of vaccines expected to come to market. A nationwide COVID-19 mass vaccine roll-out is not just about the vaccine, there are numerous supplies involved. 50 million pads alcohol pads are being imported to the USA. Pre-orders begin as of September 2020.

RTB-MED, formerly known as ROTANIBOC LLC, an established healthcare supplier with over 15 years of global sourcing and import experience. RTB-MED has sold millions of critically needed PPE products during the COVID-19 crisis and is dedicated to working around the clock on many high demand orders for several US States, medical centers and other organizations.


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