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Austin,United States – March 22, 2022

The newly released guide portrays the nation’s capital as an optimal place in which to pursue a laptop lifestyle as a self-employed freelancer. Crucial Constructs structures the piece in the style of a travel blog entry while listing relevant factors that are likely to be of interest to remote workers in Manila. Typical lodging costs and the simplicity of visa requirements are among the covered topics.

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As explained in the new guide, living in Manila can offer individuals the opportunity to thrive as digital nomads. Crucial Constructs advises that the city’s budget-friendly daily expenses, scenic views, and accommodating residents combine to make it an appealing place to live for globe-hoppers who primarily make their living online.

The release comes as international communities of expats are free to resume traveling now that many pandemic-necessitated flight restrictions have eased or ended around the world. Recent figures suggest that more than 170,000 foreign nationals are currently living in the Philippines, with more than 30% residing in Manila. Crucial Constructs aims to assess the city’s suitability for remote workers.

With the ability to earn an income via their laptops, digital nomads require a reliable internet connection and dependable lodging in order to do their jobs at schedules that suit their needs. The guide thus looks at Manila’s main strengths and downsides in these notable areas, weighing up its potential advantages for those who don’t necessarily need to consider long-term stability.

Readers will benefit from the comprehensive information provided by the guide, offering a complete overview of Manila’s pros and cons. It examines the city’s notable cultural landmarks as well as its food and popular tourist attractions in order to help readers get a sense of the location. Further, it assists those who are planning their budgets by detailing the low cost of living.

As written in the guide: “In contrast to cities in Europe, Australia, and the United States, residing in Manila is significantly more affordable.” It also points to the high proficiency among locals in the English language as a plus, saying: “If you’re aiming to base a company out of Manila, you will like the remarkable levels of English.”

Interested parties who are considering relocating in pursuit of a freelance lifestyle are invited to visit to learn more about Manila as a potential destination by reading the new Crucial Constructs guide.

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