Luda secures $7 million in funding for AI training simulation.

Mon Oct 2, 2023 - 7:55am GMT+0000

Luda, a company specializing in enabling users to train and deploy their own AI agents, recently unveiled its latest innovation, Real-Time Reinforcement Learning (RT-RL). This groundbreaking system empowers users to craft AI entities capable of interacting or behaving in accordance with the laws of physics, all without requiring any coding or animation skills. Luda secured $7 million in funding to support its AI endeavors.

Bitkraft Ventures and Compound spearheaded the funding round, with notable contributions from industry luminaries such as Jeff Dean, Google’s chief scientist, and Illia Polosukhin, co-author of the Transformer paper. Scott Rupp, a partner at Bitkraft, lauded Luda’s achievements, stating, “Luda’s generative AI breakthrough has the potential to revolutionize how consumers engage with AI, and gaming presents an ideal use case. Luda is not just constructing an intellectual property, game, or platform; it is forging an entirely new creative medium, one that empowers every user to fashion AI agents using Lego-like building blocks.”

Luda’s user base creates these agents through Mels, a real-time browser-based simulation that imbues them with generative AI capabilities. These agents also employ Accelerated Learning, Low-Latency Inference, and Human Interactivity. The company envisions these agents as ideal for user-generated content gameplay, as they can be created by anyone.

Vijay Sundaram, Luda’s founder and CEO, expressed his excitement, saying, “The fascinating aspect of technological paradigm shifts is the opportunity to craft entirely new experiences that were previously unimaginable. Five years ago, we embarked on a journey in Google Research to pioneer novel generative AI techniques like RT-RL, with the goal of creating a new consumer category: immersive, interactive AI agents that anyone can create through an experience as accessible and joyful as play – a new kind of playground that brings together human creativity, social connection, and user-generated agents.”