Kijiji Autos making ground in automotive classifieds industry

Fri Dec 21, 2018 - 8:45am GMT+0000

Modern life depends on efficiency above all else. The modern individual is busier than ever, and there is an expectation that life is as convenient as possible. Put simply, the modern professional does not have the time to spend days, even weeks spreading themselves thinly to search for the perfect outfit for an upcoming event, the best neighbourhood for their next new house, or even the most suitable vehicle. Historically, the automotive industry has always been one that is incredibly intricate. Our vehicles are one of the most valuable possessions we own, so it only makes sense that individuals put much time and effort into finding the perfect vehicle for them specifically.

When the time comes to purchase a new vehicle, it can be daunting and frustrating. Kijiji Autos is disrupting the vehicle market and helping millions of individuals find the perfect vehicle for them. And all without the usual hassle that other companies come hand in hand with. Most automotive manufacturers or car companies are designed to showcase solely their models, meaning that individuals must sink hours upon hours into their search, looking through various websites to narrow down their choices.

As one of Canada’s largest classified websites, Kijiji offers users advice and information on not only vehicles, but housing and jobs (among other things). Kijiji is offering people something that its competing websites are not: complete transparency. Through Kijiji, users are able to get the most comprehensive and up-to-date advice on every aspect of purchasing their vehicle, from financing your new vehicle to the best and most worthwhile accessories.

Kijiji Autos is disrupting the automotive industry by giving those on the market for a new vehicle a one-stop online experience that gives them advice and ideas on every part of the process. The modern individual is busier than ever, so having access to a system that takes active control of every part of the process instead of forcing them to comb through multiple sites, is invaluable. It is changing the way that people search for their vehicles, and has already had significant impact throughout Canada.

More than ever, time-sensitive solutions are what the modern individual needs in their life. Purchasing a new vehicle can be incredibly time-consuming and difficult, but Kijiji makes it easy by handing the individual all the tools necessary to make it happen on a single silver platter, rather than a buffet of different options that people must hurriedly pick from. In an industry that is historically quite inefficient to deal with time-wise, this is an extraordinary innovation that is turning the industry on its head and resulting in more happy new car owners all the time.

Most people spend a significant amount of time each week travelling back and forth in their vehicles. As such, they naturally want their chosen vehicle to be reliable, comfortable, and efficient. Most people will have their vehicle for anywhere from ten to fifteen years – some even longer. Especially in this modern era, the average consumer craves convenience and demands efficiency. Choosing a new car an be difficult. Thankfully, Kijiji Autos is working towards eliminating that difficulty, effectively replacing it with efficiency and convenience.