Flydigi — What makes this China’s No.1 Controller Brand Stands Out

Tue May 21, 2024 - 4:15am GMT+0000

Flydigi — What makes this China’s No.1 Controller Brand Stands Out

Shanghai, China – May 21, 2024

Flydigi, China’s NO.1 gaming controller brand, has been making significant strides in gaming controller industry since 2014. Flydigi dedicated to self-development and innovation of mechanical technology, rejecting the common standard component made by the factory. Instead, Flydigi continuously reengineers every component of its controllers to meet the specific needs of various types of gamers, making the perfect controller for each player. To cater to different preferences, Flydigi has launched three product lines: the entry-level versatile controller DIREWOLF series, the competitive Pro Controller VADER series and the immersive Elite Controller APEX series.

Today, we will interview Huang Wei, the Product Director of Flydigi, to learn more about the design philosophy behind the APEX 4, a flagship product that has been praised by many hard-core gamers across the US.

“Nothing is more thrilling than the immersive experience in the game!” Mr. Huang Wei talked about core product philosophy of Flydigi: “We believe that an immersive gaming experience doesn’t only depend on the game itself but also depend on the way players interact with the game. Nothing is more thrilling than than the immersive experience in the game! Controller is the bridge that connects players to the gaming world. Therefore, we are committed to applying innovative mechanical technology to our controllers, providing players with a more immersive gaming experience.” This philosophy is evident in the innovative features such as the draggable ABXY button in APEX 2 and the force feedback triggers in APEX 3 that have impressed many gamers.

During designing of the APEX 4 Elite Gaming Controller, Flydigi has continued to innovate and break boundaries. Compared to traditional game controllers, APEX 4’s force-adjustable joysticks and force feedback triggers is the features that make it really stand out from other controllers, offering a satisfying and immersive gaming experience. Huang Wei credits these advancements to Flydigi’s R&D team’s deep exploration of mechanics: “Thanks to our R&D team’s efforts, mechanics has transformed from an abstract concept into a tangible, touchable reality. We aim to push the boundaries of mechanics further with the power of technology, unveiling its limitless possibilities to the gamers.”

“Stepping outside the box is the only way to break through constraints,” said Mr. Huang Wei about the product development process. He revealed that the biggest challenge the team faced was breaking away from industry standard practices to fully embrace self-development and meet user’s needs. To overcome “technical bottlenecks,” Huang Wei believes it is essential to apply mechanical principles effectively, think beyond industry norms from a fundamental level, and boldly pursue theoretical breakthroughs and structural innovations. Consequently, Huang led his team to redesign the joystick’s force transmission approach, inventing a hub-style alloy bearing structure that minimizes damping, and achieving superior recentering performance.

The APEX 4 Elite Gaming Controller by Flydigi takes customization to the next level with its fully self-developed joystick that replaces the traditional piston structure with a lever-type system. This design allows players to adjust the spring tension at one end to seamlessly modify the joystick’s tension, being able to suit the various need of different gamers. The joystick features exceptional recentering, adjustable tension, and smooth operation, showcasing three major innovations brought by Flydigi’s self-developed force-adjustable alloy joystick.

“We want to pay as much attention as possible to suit all our gamers’ needs, aiming for each gamer’s APEX 4 to be uniquely theirs,” emphasizes the design philosophy behind APEX 4. Gamers have varied preferences and requirements for different games, and Flydigi has endeavored to meet these diverse needs. “Our goal is for gamers to feel that our hardware could be their best companion during gaming. Make the controller be the bridge to the gaming world. Therefore, we strive to create a controller that truly serves all gamers,” and the force-adjustable joystick is a prime example of this commitment.

Moreover, the controller is equipped with a small screwdriver on the side of the grip, allowing players to adjust the joystick’s tension on the fly. The extensive functionalities of the Flydigi Space Station fulfill the varied demands gamers have for their controllers. Additionally, players can personalize their controllers even further by uploading their favorite images or GIFs to the controller’s small screen and inserting a custom-engraved light plate. With these features, the controller transcends its role as a mere device, becoming a reliable companion that accompanies gamers through their adventure in the gaming world.

“We are revolutionizing the game controller industry, bringing gamers truly responsive and smooth control,” Gamers familiar with Flydigi know that Flydigi Tech frequently collaborates with popular IPs such as Gundam, Naruto, One Piece, and Evangelion. These co-branded products are beloved by gamers not only for their exquisite and unique designs that capture the essence of the original IPs but also for incorporating Flydigi’s innovative elements. With superior materials and fine craftsmanship, each product is a masterpiece, providing an exceptional user experience. What surprises can gamers expect next?

Huang Wei comments, “Flydigi is like a master assassin, holding true to its creed and never fearing to innovate boldly in the controller industry and start a revolution. This time, we aim to liberate players truly, enhancing the immersive and customizable experience of the controllers.” The upcoming Flydigi APEX 4 Assassin’s Creed Edition controller will allow players to deeply engage with the Assassin’s Creed universe during gameplay. Huang Wei explains that the decision to collaborate with Assassin’s Creed was driven by its unique cultural significance and large fan base, hoping to deliver cooler co-branded peripherals through this partnership.

Looking ahead, Huang Wei states that Flydigi will continue to focus on innovation in mechanical technology to deliver ultra-immersive gaming experiences and develop superior gaming peripherals. Furthermore, Flydigi will strengthen its collaborations with leading manufacturers like Microsoft Xbox to bring immersive gaming experiences to an even broader gaming community.

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