Exhibit Your Art at The Louvre – DecentWorld to Introduce Galleries

Fri Apr 8, 2022 - 11:00am GMT+0000

Zug, Switzerland – March 28, 2022

Brand new Swiss owned, blockchain-based metaverse DecentWorld, has recently introduced an immersive virtual reality metaverse platform through which users can find and acquire digitized versions of every single street in the world. The platform also recently announced that through the DecentWorld metaverse, they will be empowering artists to display their digital artwork in the most famous art galleries worldwide. 

Although physical galleries will not be forgotten or replaced any time soon, and rightly so, new virtual spaces in which to exhibit art will transform how the entire art industry is perceived. The idea of the metaverse has engaged the imaginations of the world’s tech giants and enthusiasts. 

The global lockdown struck the arts and culture industry especially hard, as the majority of related institutions were forced to remain closed in response. Naturally, the opportunity to put art on display and offer virtual performances represents a crucial boon to artists and art-lovers alike. The DecentWorld team shares that one of their goals is to empower such artists to show off their most precious pieces of art, and connect them with a worldwide audience of art lovers. 

“Metaverse, just like art, is also for everyone. We wanted to empower artists with this solid base for their talent to be seen by many. Our platform allows any artist to display their art wherever they prefer, be it The Louvre in Paris or the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York. The world is their oyster in DecentWorld,” DecentWorld creators share.

Art Exhibitions in the Metaverse

For decades, the concept of the metaverse was a hot topic in science-fiction stories, but now, revolutionary blockchain technology has finally made the true implementation of the metaverse a reality. Non-fungible tokens (NFT) have pushed the art market forward over the past few years, and really started to reinvent how digital objects are valued. 

Powered by blockchain, DecentWorld will connect collectors, traders, agents, companies, and all those who intend to explore the full potential of acquiring unique digital real estate assets.

Developments in the NFT market are being widely celebrated, as such projects that offer utility will help the next phase of NFTs thrive, and it is commonly believed that NFTs are the building blocks upon which the metaverse will grow. 

The platform’s creators have shared that one of their goals is to make art accessible to everyone, and enable fulfilling experiences such as attending galleries, and admiring art from across the world. 

Digital environments in the metaverse empower everyone to participate and connect with art and culture, regardless of social differences or physical distances. In a blockchain-based 3D environment, users will have access to all of the world renowned art galleries such as The Louvre, MoMa, Guggenheim, and others. 

“We believe that the future is digital. However, the art industry is still bound to the physical realm, even despite the breakthrough NFT technology, thanks to which we have the opportunity to certify the ownership of digital art. The next step is making virtual spaces through which to exhibit digital art. The DecentWorld platform will storm the market with a fresh, intuitive, and immersive approach to digital art,” DecentWorld team explains.

Empowering Artists Through Blockchain

Questions about the metaverse became especially prevalent throughout the quarantine and pandemic, as many cultural and labor activities moved to virtual mediums. The creation of the metaverse offers support for new forms of cultural production, such as digital art and virtual art museums.

Virtual worlds open up new possibilities to democratize and liberalize the art world’s hierarchy. The decentralized nature of blockchain technology removes the curator as the gatekeeper for artists to exhibit their work in the world’s most prestigious and valued art galleries. On DecentWorld, even entry-level artists will be able to celebrate their artwork in The Louvre next to the legendary “Mona Lisa.” 

“The internet was meant to empower individuals, but it was institutionalized. Web3 is our chance to try again, but this time not fail. When innovation meets the archaic art market, we can completely change how we create, trade and experience art,” platform’s team explains.

Metaverse is already labeled as the next frontier, complete with fully immersive digital environments, bound to generate trillions of dollars in value as a new, defining medium for content. DecentWorld not only will open up its 3D metaverse galleries this year, but also offer its users other exciting features like real estate NFT Collections and Marketplace.

About DecentWorld

DecentWorld is a Swiss metaverse digital real estate platform built on blockchain technology to introduce a next-generation web3 experience. The platform allows members to purchase and trade virtual NFT Streets, which can then be combined into Collections. Completed Collections automatically start generating yield which is accumulated and distributed on regular intervals. Using state of the art security features, DecentWorld also stands for trust and transparency in the blockchain industry.

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