ETHSHIBA emerges as the new hit in the Meme coin world that gives ETH rewards

Fri Apr 1, 2022 - 6:20pm GMT+0000

Bugis, Singapore – March 21, 2022

ETH SHIBA is an exciting new project for Ethereum & Shiba lovers. It is a community-driven project that aims to provide ETHSHIB holders passive income and other incredible utility. The developers of this project care significantly for the crypto community and the growth of rewards for its holders. It aims to make a difference in the world. Crypto mass adoption is inevitable. The team behind the ETH SHIBA understand that SHIBA adoption is unavoidable, and through their integrity, they aim to change the lives of people around the world. ETH SHIBA is a project for Ethereum lovers launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to facilitate increased adoption due to lower gas fees. 

The platform allows crypto investors to earn regular dividends in the form of Binance Pegged ETH just by holding a minimum amount of ETHSHIB in their digital wallets. Backed by successful businesses and renowned individuals in the crypto space, the goal is to grow as a community and provide holders with life-changing opportunities by investing in a decentralized asset owned by the community. The mission of ETH SHIBA is to grow and support the SHIBA community whilst rewarding their holders in ETH. It will allow the expert behind the company to create the biggest community in the crypto space.

The focus is to provide consistent and passive Ethereum rewards straight to their holder’s wallets. Earnings are distributed to holders based on volume and the percentage of the circulating supply held. Moreover, ETH SHIBA’s tokenomics has been engineered for wealth and growth. Whether an investor is looking for passive income, an avenue to grow their SHIB portfolio or simply a long-term investment, ETHSHIBA will support their investors in several ways. There is a 4% tax on every buy transaction and an 8% tax on every sell transaction to reward holders of ETHSHIB in ETH (BEP20).

Additionally, to show loyalty to the SHIB community, 1% of all transaction fees generated from the sales and purchases of ETHSHIB will be used to buyback and burn SHIB tokens. Importantly, ETH SHIBA is a truly decentralized and community-driven token, with liquidity locked for five years. Multi-sig wallets secure all marketing and team tokens for added security. ETH SHIBA’s roadmap is community-centric and encompasses various developments. The ETH SHIBA team will be launching multiple competitions in phase one, offering the ETH SHIBA community the opportunity to WIN incredible prizes and utility. The team will constantly buyback and burn SHIB to reward the community, encouraging the SHIB community to follow our progress and join our community. 

There will also be a launch of ETH SHIBA NFTs in Phase 2, and these will carry exclusive benefits and experiences. The ETH SHIBA team is now in contact with several centralized exchanges for future listings, which will be essential to increase mass adoption and the token price. The ETH SHIBA play-to-earn game is planned to be launched later in phase 4 of the project, coupled with bigger giveaways planned by the team, one of them being a Tesla car giveaway. 

Phase 1:

Phase 1 includes the following milestones to be achieved: 

  • Pre-launch Marketing 
  • Fair Launch on Pancakeswap 
  • CMC and Coingecko listing 
  • Post Launch Marketing 
  • 1500 Tg members 
  • 1000 Holders 
  • Launch of ETH SHIBA competitions  
  • On-boarding of BIG SHIBA crypto influencers
  • Contract audit 
  • Significant token buyback and burn SHIB

Phase 2: 

In Phase 2, the team of experts is looking forward to achieving the following:

  • 5000 Tg members 
  • 2500 holders 
  • CEX Listing
  • Celtic Audit
  • Major influencer marketing campaign 
  • Significant token buyback and burn SHIB

Phase 3: 

In Phase 3, the founders and community will be expanded, and therefore they will:

  • Launch of ETH SHIBA NFTs 
  • Listing on multiple CEX 
  • 10,000 Tg members 
  • 6000 holders 
  • Launch of ETH SHIBA Competitions 
  • Massive tokens buyback and burn SHIB 
  • Large donations to selected charity’s 

Phase 4: 

In Phase 4, the makers will bring more of the exciting features for its crypto enthusiasts:

  • Top 10 CEX listing 
  • Launch of play to earn games 
  • Launch of Metaverse NFT characters 
  • Tesla car giveaway 
  • Celebrity Endorsements 
  • Private party on a yacht in Dubai for ETHSHIB holders with major influencers and the team 
  • Major token buyback and burn SHIB

Potential users and interested crypto enthusiasts must visit the official website to learn more about the ETH SHIBA project. Join the Telegram or Twitter to connect with the community.

Contact Info:
Name: Patrick
Email: Send Email
Organization: Geneva Capital Pte Ltd (ETHSHIBA)
Phone: + 65 9647 5577

Release ID: 89071582