EPIA Unveils Pioneering ePaper Industry White Paper at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona

Thu Jun 6, 2024 - 4:30pm GMT+0000

EPIA Unveils Pioneering ePaper Industry White Paper at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain – June 6, 2024

The ePaper Industry Alliance (EPIA), a pioneering collective dedicated to advancing the ePaper technology landscape, is excited to announce the release of its first global ePaper Industry White Paper during the IoT Solutions World Congress 2024.

Industry Leaders Rally to Showcase Innovations

Representatives from leading ePaper technology firms, including David Keefe, VP of Sales at E Ink; Thomas de Laar, CEO of SeekInk Europe; Sally Liang, VP at Hanshow Technology, and Romain Gentile from Philips Professional Display Solutions provided in-depth presentations. These talks covered a range of topics from ePaper technology to innovative applications in smart retail, smart hospital system and other diverse commercial display applications in the growing IoT field worldwide.

Exploring ePaper’s Potential

Starting off the presentations for the ePaper industry’s view of the market at the launch event was David Keefe, VP of Sales at E INK who in presenting “E Ink Introduction & Vision” gave a historical and technological overview on the inner workings of ePaper as an innovative product to move on to go in further depth on the developments in the dynamic market observed by the market leader in ePaper upstream production.

Next Thomas de Laar, CEO of SeekInk Europe shared his perspective on ”Leading ePaper technology for an environmental friendly society”. The presentation shows impressively how SeekInk enables the full scale utilization of ePaper modules in a pioneering role to break open new use cases and solution markets for enhancing green display technology globally.

Picking up on the development in the retail industry and its synergies with ePaper Ms Sally Liang, VP at Hanshow Technologies, shared the smart retail solutions providers perspective on the advantages of ePaper technology to create a greener and more dynamic future for global retail in her showcase “Empower Digital Retail with Smart Electronic Shelf Labels”.

The industry presentations concluded with Romain Gentile of Philips Professional Display Solutions demonstrating in “The Cable-less Commercial Display Solution with Large-sized Full Color ePaper Technology” how the highly traditional producer of consumer and professional display solutions is entering the market of ePaper technology, due to its numerous benefits in energy consumption, readability and longevity and its flexible application potential in new IoT field such as smart hospital sector.

A vision of a “paperless future”

The EPIA, spearheaded by E Ink, Seekink and BOE as well as over 180 member organizations from the industry chain, orchestrated the creation of the first global industry white paper. This collaborative effort highlights the alliance’s role as a cornerstone for innovation and standard-setting in the ePaper industry.

ePaper’s Rise as a Green Display Solution

In fact, as an important carrier of the paperless wave and an ideal new display technology for smart IoT hardware terminal products, ePaper has been widely used in eReader, eNote, electronic shelf label (ESL), ePaper logistics sheets, ePaper nameplates/doorplates, ePaper bus stop signs among other solutions, driving an annual upstream and downstream output value of more than 13.9 billion USD. 

Compared with paper and traditional displays, ePaper excels in the following aspects, it is paperless, digitalized, energy-saving, eco-friendly, and eye-protective. These five features bring about the unique smart experience advantages of ePaper in the field of reading, and also make it a smarter, healthier and greener display solution, achieving low energy consumption and carbon reduction over the whole process from production to use.

White Paper Unveils Future Trends

This white paper serves as the definitive narrative on the evolution and cutting-edge green applications of ePaper technology, underscoring the alliance’s commitment to fostering a new generation of paperless solutions and green displays within the global IoT market.

Steffi Sun, editor-in-chief of the White Paper and Global Business Development Director of the EPIA, unveiled key findings of the white paper, from expected market development, product share, new technological breakthroughs and a glimpse into the future of the whole industry. Her address paved the way for further discussions on global membership opportunities and detailed insights into the white paper.

A United Front for an Innovative Future

The event then culminated in a ceremonial ribbon-cutting and an industry-wide photo session, symbolizing a united path by the ePaper industry chain from smart manufacturing to solution innovations towards an innovative and green IoT future.

The ePaper Industry Alliance extends its gratitude to all speakers, participants, and supporters for their roles in making this event a landmark success in the ePaper industry’s journey towards integrating with IoT applications globally. Industry stakeholders worldwide are also invited to join the alliance in discussion and obtain a copy of the ePaper Industry White Paper.

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About EPIA

The ePaper Industry Alliance (EPIA) is a global coalition of leaders in the ePaper market, dedicated to promoting sustainable and innovative display technologies worldwide. EPIA was established in Shanghai in February 2021, founded by the industry pioneers E Ink, BOE, and Seekink, aiming to facilitate the adoption of ePaper technologies across various industries in the global IoT sector, enhancing environmental sustainability and technological integration.

Since its inception, EPIA has rapidly grown with over 180 companies from the global industry chain from supply chain actors, brands, ODM/OEM, and chip manufacturers to content providers, service partners, consulting companies, and academic and research institutions. All are united by common objectives to expand the ePaper community, bolster the eco-system and encourage the applications of ePaper technology across various industries.


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For further details, inquiries about the white paper, or EPIA membership, please contact: steffi@epaperia.com

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