Christian Financial Literacy School Launches Online

Tue Sep 1, 2020 - 9:03am GMT+0000

New online school makes it easy for Americans to learn financial literacy and offers a free course for those who would like Bible based tips.

Miami, United States – September 1, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

The lack of financial illiteracy in America is not a new topic, however, considering the present economic turmoil the need for financial education has never been greater.

The confusion and worry in the South Florida community post shutdown led Miami business owner and national author Daniel Shalach to take action. Partnering with Home-buying Educator Shasta Baker and Financial Coach Samantha Quinones, they found a vetted curriculum that was used by over three hundred Fortune 500 companies including Wells Fargo, Verizon, and AmeriCorps and turned it into an online 160 hour complete course.

With the amount of information readily available to the average American, it could be assumed there would be a better understanding of personal finance. Well, that assumption would be wrong. Every three years, FINRA-the major US financial regulator-surveys the population.

Reports in 2019 showed 76% of millennials lacking basic financial knowledge, 40% of student loan borrowers not making payments, 43% of Americans 51-65 have no retirement fund, and women (particularly married women) have far lower income and credit scores than men.

Enter Kingdom Financial Academy.

Kingdom Financial Academy will teach on personal finance management which an individual or a family is required to understand like how to create a professional budget, saving and spending monetary resources over time, while being able to take into account various financial risks and future life events.

Studies have proven that money is directly tied to people’s emotional state. So, to ensure that all their students will understand, retain, and apply what they will learn, the curriculum features a unique psychological component.

Areas Covered Are:

• Money management activities and systems
• Financial literacy and knowledge levels
• How to properly address current financial situations
• Credit and the proper use of it to save money and purchase homes
• Understanding and addressing your financial behaviors
• Overall financial sentiment
• Short-and-long term planning
• **** and for Christians a separate free course that ties it all to Biblical standards

Steps were taken to empower students for success, this includes:

• Easy online access
• Mobile friendly website
• Audio training
• Video training
• Interactive calculators
• Budget planning
• Written work
• Goal tracking
• Actual quizzes
• Final Tests
• Real Time scoring
• A certification
• And LIFETIME access to the training

The school is formed as a non-profit to allow for the greatest reach possible. A side benefit is that each student who pays for the course is also paying for a second person who needs it but cannot afford it because of adverse circumstances. The goal is that they learn to manage their income and grow out of that adversity. Then they also may offer to help someone else get the same opportunity they did.

“I love helping people and the best way I have learned to teach is by word, and action. My Father has led me to this place in time so I could reach out and help people but especially those of His household. I know the change financial literacy plays in a person’s life and when that person is serving God with a true desire to build His Kingdom … that is a game changer and in my experience it allows Him to really lead us onto straight paths from a crooked thought-life rooted in generation financial strongholds.” Shalach said,

The school is Launching September 1st, 2020 @ 9:00 AM. To visit the site go to

If you would like to inquire about group rates, classes, or online classes please contact the director of education Shasta Baker at the information below.

Contact Info:
Name: Shasta Baker
Email: Send Email
Organization: Kingdom Financial Academy
Address: 2665 South Bayshore Drive, STE 220-40 Miami Fl. 33031
Phone: 305-722-3778

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