BlueMagic Group Bringing Positive Change in the Turkish Hair Transplant Industry

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Istanbul, Turkey – March 22, 2022

Nowadays, baldness has become a major problem that many people are suffering from. When it comes to hair we all are very conscious about that. For this problem, there is a permanent solution- a hair transplant.

BlueMagic Group is one of the top hair transplant clinics, situated in Turkey, Istanbul, founded by Pasquale Minasi. All the treatments are provided at BlueMagic Group’s hair transplant clinic in Turkey,which is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

BlueMagic Group is not only famous in the Turkish but also in the International hair transplant Industry. They have performed over 21,000 successful hair transplant surgeries to date. BlueMagic Group is the only hair transplant clinic in Turkey to be featured on Bloomberg.

BlueMagic Group gives you world-class services with advanced technology and methods. They deliver the best experience to each and every patient. Their aim is to provide a high-quality hair transplant with long-lasting results by understanding their patient’s expectations.

BlueMagic has highly professional doctors who are internationally acclaimed:

●     Dr.Selahattin Tulunay has over 34 years of experience in performing hair transplants.He is a member of the Turkish Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and he was named as the ‘Best Hair Transplant Specialist of the Year’ in 2014 and 2015.

●    Dr. Serkan Kemal is a famous surgeon with over a decade of experience. He is committed to providing the highest quality hair transplantation. The doctor is known for his 100% success record and satisfied patients.

What are the Latest Hair Transplant Techniques Available at BlueMagic Group?

Every treatment has modern techniques which give you the long-lasting natural looking results. BlueMagic Group uses some of the most advanced techniques in the hair transplant industry.

●    Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Sapphire FUE transplantation technique requires sapphire blades and they are used to open micro incisions. It allows the hair root to grow with better density and it also gives best results to the people who are suffering from excessive hair loss. BlueMagic Group’s specialists ensure that the best and most suitable treatment is provided to all their patients.

●    DHI Hair Transplantation

DHI hair transplant in Turkey is a modern hair transplant technique that is especially performed using implanter pens. At BlueMagic Group, they use the latest Choi Pen technology in their DHI process to ensure the best possible experience for the patients.

What are the Different Types of Hair Transplants at BlueMagic Group?

BlueMagic Group gives you a variety of options none other than other clinics when it comes to hair transplantation. You get all the services in one place.

●     Beard Transplantation

A beard hair transplant is a primary process that starts by picking hair from one part of the body and implanting it to your jawline where you want your beard to grow. BlueMagic Group has provided successful beard transplants in Turkey to many patients with their advanced beard transplant techniques.

●    Hair Transplant for Women

Female hair transplants have the same procedure as men. After going for a female hair transplant in Turkey with BlueMagic Group, you will see a great esthetic difference in your hair. The procedure will be painless and completely safe.

●    Manual Hair Transplant

A manual hair transplant involves a specific surgical instrument called a manual punch to extract follicular units. This process is much easier to perform on women rather than men. A manual hair transplant results in less scarring, less trauma, and smaller punches as well.

●    Eyebrow Transplantation

BlueMagic Group’s eyebrow transplantation gives you thicker and fuller eyebrows which leads to better expressions and self-confidence. The clinic is known for providing natural looking and long-lasting results.

●    Afro Hair Transplant

The process of Afro Hair Transplant does not vary from the other techniques.In this treatment there will be fewer scars and lesser trauma to the scalp compared to any other treatment. Also there will be lesser damage done during the implantation which results in thicker hair growth.

BlueMagic Group not only prioritizes the treatment but also the comfort and convenience of patients. Every package offers travel convenience and stay in Turkey’s most prestigious hotel for three nights and four days. The patients get the best and unforgettable experience with BlueMagic Group.

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