Author, Subendri Naidoo Shares Rich Life Journey and Lessons Learned in Bestselling New Book, Change Makers

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The South African-based Intuitive Coach, one of 25 female leaders featured in Amazon chart-topper

Randburg, South Africa – July 15, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

Subendri Naidoo refuses to be defined. She does what feeds her soul and goes in the direction she is most needed. She has at times been a lawyer, children’s mindfulness facilitator, massage practitioner, certified infinite possibilities trainer and much more. Now, Naidoo is one of the authors behind a book that has earned bestseller status in the U.S., UK, Australia, and Germany: Change Makers, Volume 3.

Change Makers, is comprised of personal accounts from Naidoo and 24 other inspiring women who share their life’s journey as relates to business, philanthropy, as parents and partners, and in life in general. Each story in the book is told in the contributor’s own words and meant to urge readers to be the change they want to see in first, their own lives, and then the world.

In her chapter, Naidoo, who is an author and intuitive coach, candidly talks readers through her relentless pursuit of self-discovery and -improvement, painting a hopeful and empowering picture for readers who may be dealing with their own self-doubts and frustrations with societal constraints. The thread that weaves each moment together being her resolve to help others along the way.

“With self-empowerment, you have to put the work in just like with anything in life, but it may be the hardest when you are wanting to heal the broken and hurt parts of you. Nobody can do it but you, and that requires strength and it comes when you take that step towards wanting to be a better version of you. I’m here to help others through their journey with my books and programs,” said Naidoo.

“So many readers will relate to Subendri’s story and that is why I invited her to be part of Change Makers. She is one of the most accomplished women I know. Yet she has long been plagued by self-doubts but fights through and uses what she learns to help others at every step,” said Emma Hamlin, publisher and founder of Change Maker Press, which gives women a platform to be heard while giving readers a dose of positive energy and strength.

Naidoo’s first book, Angel Heart Friends, was published in 2017. “It’s a story about different types of families and how healing with meditation, crystals and angels can help support children and parents,” said Naidoo. “It is also meant for those wanting to heal their own inner child.”

“We can make a huge difference by being our authentic, real selves,” urges Naidoo. “We can all be better versions of ourselves. I’m here to inspire others to ignite the fire within!”

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All profits from the Kindle version of the book will be donated to Safe Steps, a Family Violence Response Centre.

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