ATR Network: Decentralized private data multimodal supercomputing network

Mon May 6, 2024 - 4:30pm GMT+0000

ATR Network: Decentralized private data multimodal supercomputing network

United States – May 6, 2024

With the introduction of concepts such as international digital currency, digital silk Road, and enterprise chain transformation, the short speed of the digital economy (short cycle, stable price, fast transaction) still cannot effectively solve the security and privacy problems in data transactions and data storage.

On the basis of protecting data and privacy security, ATR Network uses neural network, deep learning and other technologies to deeply analyze heterogeneous data, extract useful data vectors, and integrates blockchain trust mechanism, multi-modal time series analysis and advanced privacy computing through advanced technologies, opening up a new field of decentralized AI application for the Web3.0 era. It is known as the “Web3 AI” supercomputer network.

ATR is designed and developed in strict accordance with the technical specifications of the US payment system CBDC and the Monetary Authority of Singapore MAS on the intended currency PBM, and has obtained the US financial license MSB, and has carried out technical cooperation with the digital currency CBDC and Tokenised Bank Liability of multi-national central banks. And extensive online retail payment hosting arrangements, its optimized mining algorithm and new hardware architecture update, increase the advantage of reducing energy consumption, it is planned to complete in 2025, Binance Binance, Ouyi OKX, Coinbase, Huobi Global and other digital currency centralized exchange listing plan.

As a native token built into ATR Network, ATB not only has strategic significance in the “ATR intelligent data public chain”, but also builds an economic system with ATB token protocol, incentivize algorithm miners to contribute data models or data sets to earn ATB, and allow users to consume ATB to obtain these services, promoting the sharing and exchange of data value.

Public chain :ATR

Token: ATB (Launchpad Binance)

The birth and development of ATR Network marks an important step on the road of data sovereignty return, privacy protection and rational allocation of resources, indicating that the Web3.0 world is about to usher in a new era with decentralized AI as the core power.




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