Adapting to Change: The Future of SAP Operations, as Told by Avantra

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Richmond,United Kingdom – March 23, 2022

Avantra, a market leader in AIOPs for SAP automation operations, published a blog post on its website about SAPinsider’s hosted webinar, in which CEO John Appleby joined a panel of experts to discuss the future of SAP operations. The panel also discussed how to build resilience into existing SAP landscapes, move processes to the cloud, and the role of managed service providers, among other topics.

Joining Avantra’s John Appleby were Matthew, a member of Amazon Web Services’ SAP Beyond Infrastructure Team; Chance, a Senior Vice President of the SAP Line of Business at Velocity Technology Solutions; and Marcello, the manager of SAP technology at Kayser-Roth Corporation, a Greensboro, North Carolina-based apparel manufacturer.

One of the key questions asked by host Tom Kelly was about the COVID-19 situation. He said, “Pivoting on the topic of the current Covid situation and the subsequent business environment we will have to adapt to now and in the future, why is the way that organizations run their SAP application landscapes critical to build [sic] resilience into the business?”

John Appleby responded with, “I think we are starting to see a shift in the way customers think now. Over the last 10 years, customers were complacent over the cost and reliability of their SAP environments. However, now they are ready to invest in specific initiatives that will help the business reduce costs and improve its efficiency and agility. These are great reasons for a business to explore moving to the cloud. They have also started to look closely at the benefits of these initiatives and how it can help their business in adversities such as the pandemic.”

He further added, “Digital transformation is no longer a nonsensical moniker to them. It has become a requirement to ensure that their business still works in the future should a Covid-like situation arise again. It’s a phenomenally exciting time.”

When asked how a managed service provider shifts the role of a business and what becoming a self-healing enterprise means to an organization, Appleby simply stated how storage architectures for SAP systems have changed over the years, and that there are now people with Cloud DevOps skills. Within the next 10 years, there will more than likely be a fundamental shift in the way automation and robots help humans.

Avantra is the undisputed market leader in AIOps for SAP automated operations. It enables businesses to become self-healing. Avantra helps SAP clients enhance their business experience, performance, and compliance, while also lowering operating expenses and allocating scarce resources to digital transformation.

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