Zhuhai International Automobile Carnival & The 3rd Super SAC Held Successfully

Sat Dec 8, 2018 - 4:00am UTC

Zhuhai International Automobile Carnival & The 3rd Super SAC, which was hosted both by Zhuhai Exhibition Group and Guangzhou Unikar Group, successfully came to its conclusion in Zhuhai Air Show Centre on 2nd December 2018.

December 7, 2018

Zhuhai International Automobile Carnival & The 3rd Super SAC, which was hosted both by Zhuhai Exhibition Group and Guangzhou Unikar Group, successfully came to its conclusion in Zhuhai Air Show Centre on 2nd December 2018.

There were totally 9 car owners communities, including Formula Student Electric China (FSEC) & Formula Student Autonomous China (FSAC); 0-400m Drag Race; The Elite Party Winter Carnival; E-karting; Super SAC Car Owner Music Feast; Children Auto Technology Playground; Guinness World Record: The Longest Parade of Mercedes Benz Cars; GroChina Auto Technology & Consumption Industry Investment Forum; GDCC “Galaxy Legend Cup” & Wild Yell Women Racing Master Grand Prix (Off-road Race).

Over 20 media containing GDTV, ZHTV, Southern Metropolis Daily, Zhuhai Daily, Jiemian.com, Douyu.com, V.163.com were invited to Zhuhai Airshow Center to follow and report. Live followers of this event exceeded 30 million person-times as the indirect coverage exceeded 100 million person-times on the platforms such as AutoHome.com, Biauto.com, Sohu.com, Auto.Sina.com.cn, Auto.163.com, and Tencent News, etc.

Several Records Created in Super SAC – the Carnival for Chinese Car Owner Communities

The Zhuhai International Automobile Carnival & The 3rd Super SAC has leaded a new chapter in China for Chinese Car Owner Communities, in the aspects of event scale, activity content, media publicity etc.

In Zhuhai Air Show Centre, a total 1.3 million sqm area of different spaces had been designed by the organisers for various activities – drag race area, off-road race area, exhibition venue, outdoor tarmac racing area etc. The centre ensures Super SAC to be the largest Urban Cultural Event for Car Owner Communities not only in China but also in the world. Meanwhile, Super SAC is the largest event both in scale and attendees besides the Zhuhai Air Show (China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition) which is held every two years in the centre.

The event’s varied themes of content contributed from 9 Car Owner Communities composed the largest coverage and the highest involvement International Cultural Event in China for Chinese Car Owners in recent years.

Among this, Guangdong Cross-country Club League Matches (GDCC) created many new records in China: the longest racing track within off-road venue in China, the best facilities in China, the largest number of off-road racing cars in China, the largest number of top national racing drivers in China, the largest scale of women driver racing in China and the highest Prize for Women Racing Group, hitting a new peak of off-road racing communities.

A several miles of fleet consisting of 358 Mercedes Benz Cars created the new record in China – the Longest Parade of Mercedes Benz Cars in the world, which won a lot praise and encouragement from Chinese Car Owner communities and spectators on spot.

An exhibition of over 300 stance cars created a new record of the largest static exhibition of modified cars in Southern China.

Mr. Gabriel Cerdan, President from Slide Drift Team in France, performed his drifting skill in two Super Cars, which was the first European Super-car Drifting Show in China! Slide Drift Team is currently cooperating with IQ12 (auto VR technology), another invited guest of this event, to develop by 2019 live immersive in-car broadcasting to VR simulators for sports car competitions.

Mr. Giles Brown, Business Director from Silverstone Classic, brought a MOU from UK to attend Super SAC. The MOU has been signed by Mr. Nick Wigley, CEO of Silverstone Classic — the biggest Classic Motoring Festival in the world. He came on behalf of Mr. Nick Wigley and it was the first-time cooperation of Silverstone Classic in its 29-year history with a Chinese company.

The debut of International Motor Film Awards in China placed great expectation on Chinese Motor Films Development in Super SAC.

The Auto Technology & Consumption Industry Investment Forum held by GroChina Capital invited renowned figures from home and abroad to communicate in depth the investment in auto technology and consumption industry dual-fueled by “industry operation and fund investment” for the sake of constructing a new scenario of automotive consumption & new retail, being a hot topic in investment industry as well as automobile industry.

Since the establishment as a result of responding to the demand of car owners in July 2016 and with 3 years of organization, soaring growth of Super SAC continues every year on the basis of only over 200 car owners from 40+ car owners communities in 2016, attracting over 5,000 spectators and 200+ car owners communities in 2017, and over 50,000 audiences on spot and millions of online viewers as well as 600+ car owners communities. Super SAC keeps in line with the core principle of “sharing among communities” and believes that car owners attending the event are the creators and spectators of the event, being one part of the event contents. 9 car owners communities containing circa 600 car owners clubs, e.g. students car owners communities, fashion car owners communities, modified car owners communities, luxury car owners communities, off-road car owners communities,international car owners communities, children car owners communities, performance car owners communities, and women car owners communities, gather and achieve many new records and scales, due to the sharing and creation generated by Chinese car owners communities as proposed by the purport of event–interlinking car owners’ super power, sharing and creating the infinite possibility. Super SAC will continue, on the basis of car owners communities and with the core spirit of sharing among car owners communities, to interlink the car owners’ super power for the purpose of providing Chinese car owners with more activities of quality and features with in-depth interaction, premium experience and better man-car life.

We, the car owners, are jointly creating the future of Chinese car owners communities, and the future of China automobile technology & consumption industry!

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