Xander Neff, From Homeless Veteran to Entrepreneur

Thu Apr 30, 2020 - 11:25am GMT+0000

Growing up in a poor family, Xander was forced to start working at a very young age. At just 14, Xander worked on a farm performing duties like cutting grass, hauling hay, clearing trails, and taking care of a farm.

United States – April 30, 2020

This hard-working entrepreneur from West Virginia has worked hard all his life to get to where he is. He always put one foot forward and never looked back in regards to his day to day life. Growing up in a poor family, he was forced to start working at a very young age. At just 14, Xander worked on a farm performing duties like cutting grass, hauling hay, clearing trails, and taking care of a farm. By the age of 15, he was out working three jobs at once. He was working at the fast-food restaurant, Dairy Queen, Helping to maintain and run a Marina at Summersville Lake, all while continuing to work on the farm. Although it was a lot of work for a child at such a young age, Xander never complained. He was a hard worker and very disciplined which you don’t see often in comparison to others that young.

Xander’s future wasn’t set in stone at that point, but he did enjoy spending time outdoors performing different activities with friends such as swimming and snowboarding. One of the times Xander went snowboarding with his friends, his helmet malfunctioned and he ended up in the hospital with a serious brain injury. It was discovered that he could not move his legs. He wasn’t able to move half of his body and he was in shock. No one expected that. He was told that he would probably never be able to walk again. Xander knew that that wasn’t an option, he still had big plans for the future, one of those being participating and moving up in a tv show called Ninja Warrior that tests both physical and mental strength. It was a show that he watched ever since he was a young boy.

He worked hard every day until one day, he was able to wiggle his toes. He started crying, he anticipated that this day would come, but it was never certain. This was only two months after the traumatizing accident. Xander proceeded to turn more heads as he moved onto the next chapter of his life. He joined the United States Army in 2013. Xander was selected to continue on with his training at the Lackland Airforce Base in San Antonio, Texas. He was going to take on the job as a Military Working Dog Handler, helping to professionally train the dogs. Just as everything was looking up, he injured himself and rushed into surgery. That was the end of his military career.

Even at this low, Xander was not finished yet. Though now homeless, he knew that someday his day would come and it ended up happening sooner than he thought. He was offered a job and flew to Las Vegas. Later down the line he was introduced to the modeling world when attending a photo shoot with a friend. He went in front of the camera for the first time ever, and fell in love. He knew that this was the right move for him. Appearing in magazines and book covers, his success in the industry was flourishing. He researched and learned all he needed from experts in the industry. He weighed out all of the pros and cons and decided to proceed with the start of something new, something he’s always dreamed of, his own business. At 26, this businessman took an idea and transformed it into a reality with the creation of the high-end modeling agency known to be the best. He named it XK Luxury LLC. and pretty soon, it started growing. Without the expertise of Xander, the business wouldn’t be where it is today. He continues to amaze people every day by simply telling his inspiring story in hopes that others too, will find what they need in themselves to pull through with their ideas.

Xander wants those who follow him to fall in love with the idea that anyone can accomplish what he has. He wants to be remembered because of his amazing story. He faced every David and Goliath challenge head-on, which resulted in him coming out a victor.

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