WWM&G Associates on a Mission to Protect Clients from Purchases of Fake COVID-19 Medical Products

Wed Apr 29, 2020 - 2:13am GMT+0000

Company ensures peace of mind to clients purchasing PPE and other medical equipment.

April 28, 2020

Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China – Wilson, Weedman, Moscioni & Greenwood Associates (WWM&G) are pleased to join forces to help buyers connect and purchase through quality suppliers that deliver peace of mind to both parties. The company is vetting suppliers using their rigorous Six Sigma Quality Management System, ensuring that products are authentic and of premium quality and communicating with clients every step of the way so they know their money, product and investment is being properly taken care of and managed.

The production of fake N95 masks has been highlighted in the news recently, along with reports of photoshopped FDA certificates, forged CE approvals, fake ISO 9001:2015 certifications and even fake lab test results. While the Chinese government has made it more difficult for these forgers to operate, many of them are still finding a way around the rules, conning inexperienced buyers and consequently putting many lives in danger.

According to company co-founder Clive Greenwood, China is not the only party at fault. Greenwood points out that inexperienced buyers are not asking the proper questions of suppliers or checking their qualifications, are not vetting or doing quality control inspections prior to shipment or are selling to hospitals and suppliers and falsely claiming that products are medical or surgical grade. These inexperienced buyers are also directly raising prices by inflating their actual purchasing numbers.

Greenwood, who’s been featured on articles around the subject for the South China Morning Post, the Sunday Telegraph, Forbes, Wired Magazine and others, says that WWMG Associates is trying to resolve the issue by bringing order to the chaos on both sides.

“The situation regarding N95 masks is currently completely out of hand,” says Greenwood. “Most buyers are inexperienced, with no previous knowledge of purchasing medical supplies, let alone verifying the quality of this life-saving equipment or handling the payment and management of multimillion-dollar contracts. They’re working in the dark.”

Greenwood points out that in days gone by there would have been a process of due diligence, which would have included a full-site inspection and a review of quality assurance and manufacturing standards. Due to the pandemic, these procedures are now a thing of the past.

“We want to bring clarity, trust and peace of mind to clients who need to purchase PPE and other medical equipment during this difficult time. Our factory partners are all certified and provide quality products, with quality service at a quality price. Some manufacturers have found out to their discomfort we have zero tolerance for anything that’s remotely below standard.”

WWM&G offers clients a full intrusive audit of potential manufacturing partners, even ones that have been audited previously.

“We bring visibility into the back-end of the supply chain and manufacturing processes,” Greenwood continues. “Our services illuminate the status of the order at every stage of the process. We communicate consistently with clients throughout, so there will be no surprises.

About the Company

Highly experienced international supply chain management professionals dedicated to using industry leading quality and project management principles to craft solutions to your problems. Wilson, Weedman, Moscioni & Greenwood Associates devises and executes tailored solutions for challenges you face on the back-end of your supply chain. From supplier evaluation to manufacturing and quality control systems management, inventory management and logistics, we help address challenges that cause waste in time, quality, money or output.

Using Lean and Six Sigma quality management systems to analyze your challenges, WWGM seeks to understand our customers and their needs, be it internal (such as senior executives) or external (such as suppliers or end users). Our solutions are designed with both types in mind to ensure your unique circumstances are met smoothly, while your products or service receives Six Sigma Quality Management attention from start to end.

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