“Winding stream party • Embrace the Auspicious Time” Immersive Cultural Tour of the Tang Poetry Road in Eastern Zhejiang Held at Lan Pavilion, Shaoxing

Wed Jun 26, 2024 - 6:45pm GMT+0000

“Winding stream party • Embrace the Auspicious Time” Immersive Cultural Tour of the Tang Poetry Road in Eastern Zhejiang Held at Lan Pavilion, Shaoxing

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China – June 26, 2024

Orchid Pavilion is located southwest of Shaoxing, adjacent to the foothills of Lanzhu Mountain. It is said that during the Spring and Autumn period, King Goujian of Yue planted orchids here, and in the Han dynasty, a relay station was established. This renowned garden in Jiangnan, known for its picturesque scenery and rich historical and cultural heritage, has long been revered as a sanctuary by scholars and poets.

On June 24, the “Winding Stream Party · Embrace the Auspicious Time – Immersive Cultural Tour of the Tang Poetry Road in Eastern Zhejiang” event was held at The Scenic Area of Orchid Pavilion in Shaoxing. The event was Co-organized by Kweichow Moutai Winery (Group) Health Wine Co., Ltd., Kweichow Moutai Zhejiang Provincial Distributors Association, and Communication University of Zhejiang, and organized by The Scenic Area of Orchid Pavilion and the Culture-Tourism Integration and Communication Innovation Center of Communication University of Zhejiang.



This event featured an immersive “Winding Stream Party” experience and interactive live streaming. It was broadcast globally across more than 20 domestic and international media platforms, re-enacting the elegance of the Orchid Pavilion Gathering. The event allowed visitors to engage in a dialogue with historical figures, experience the beauty of ancient life firsthand, and explore the history and allure of the Tang Poetry Road in Eastern Zhejiang.

Beyond sightseeing, visitors donned traditional costumes restored from ancient paintings, “transforming” into historical figures and interacting with NPCs (non-playable characters). Professional actors portrayed famous poets like Li Bai, He Zhizhang, and Wang Xizhi, vividly embodying their distinct personalities—whether graceful and free-spirited or profound and introspective. These actors greeted visitors, engaged in poetic exchanges, and discussed philosophy and ideals, passionately conveying their characters’ fervent emotions.

At the Orchid Pavilion Gathering Market, all stalls were themed around the Twelve Hours of the Chinese day, allowing visitors to embark on a full day of experiencing ancient lifestyle. Models in traditional costumes presented a delightful and elegant fashion show at Tianzhang Pavilion for both on-site visitors and online audiences, creatively showcasing the integration of classical costume aesthetics with Moutai Health Wine’s concept of “Co-Creating a Beautiful Life,” achieving a fusion of “wine” and “beauty.”

Accompanied by music of ancient style, visitors were transported into the scene of “Listening to the Qin,” as if stepping into Zhao Ji’s painting and enjoying the sounds of traditional Chinese instruments with historical figures. They learned the arts of whisked tea and boiled tea at tea stalls, tried their hands at rubbing and flower arranging at calligraphy and painting stalls, guessed riddles and claimed prizes at wine stalls, and watched the reenactment of the “Golden Turtle Exchanging for Wine” story, immersing themselves in the spirited camaraderie of the ancients who enjoyed poetry and wine together.

At the event, Zhou Jinzhong, a national-level inheritor of the Five-Animal Exercises developed by Hua Tuo, shared with visitors the ancient emphasis on health preservation, inviting them to learn and demonstrate the Five-Animal Exercises together.

Today, The Scenic Area of Orchid Pavilion has recreated the grand scenes of the past. Along a winding, zigzagging waterway at the event site, visitors in traditional attire were seated and guided by NPCs and staff to engage in enjoyable poetry games. Specially designed wine cups floated on the water, and when a cup stopped in front of a visitor, they recited an ancient poem, as if traveling back in time to the era of poetry and wine, truly becoming poets for a moment.

Experiences like pitching arrows into a pot and playing the game of chuiwan (a form of ancient golf) along the winding stream attracted many visitors. Accurate arrow shots into the pot and balls swung into holes with wooden clubs elicited cheers from the crowd, filling the venue with laughter and joy. Through immersive activities reflecting ancient cultural practices, visitors deeply experienced the rich cultural atmosphere of Tang poetry and gained a greater understanding and appreciation of the cultural essence of the Tang Poetry Road in Eastern Zhejiang, while also savoring the unique charm of China’s splendid traditional culture.

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