UPPA, The Free Healthcare App, Offering Referral Program For Free Crypto-Currency

Thu Oct 12, 2017 - 3:00am UTC

Early bird users to receive free health care record access, plus free crypto-currency for spending.

CUPERTINO,CA, United States – October 11, 2017

UPPA, a mobile-based health care service company designed to revolution health care costs and management as we know it, today introduced its new referral program for acquiring the platform’s free crypto-currency.

To participate in the referral program, users simply signup at www.uppa.io with an email, and begin referring friends and family members. The top 10 referral participates will receive 9,999 Litra coins and the top referrer will receive 99,999 Litra. Now that the referral program is open, users have until January 25, 2018 to refer as many people as possible.

“For those who finish in the top 10,000, they will earn pre-launch access to the next services we plan to rollout, like free telehealth and other benefits,” said Mu Amos, CEO of UPPA. “Even if users don’t land in the top 10,000, they will still receive 1 Litra, plus early access to their health records.”

Different Litra value is assigned to different kinds of referrals, with healthcare professionals like institutions, clinics, etc. coming with a higher Litra value.

“The Litra ICO will end on September 30, and trading it will start on October 30, with a starting value is $1,” said Amos. “There’s a lot of room for Litra to grow when compared to Bitcoin ($4000) and Ether ($350).”

The UPPA ecosystem will function as an alternative to cash, structured as a reward points system that goes up in value. It is not a fixed system, enabling users to pay for telehealth, copay for drugs, or buy health and wellness products with the platform.

“Families can join with one email,” said Amos. “Once users are done completing their registration, more family members added will result in more Litra.”

About UPPA
UPPA is a mobile-first healthcare solution offering free access to healthcare records from one mobile application. The new system is aiming to replace 16 healthcare apps and platforms with one streamlined solution that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Using the Litra Blockchain, UPPA is decentralized healthcare, adding trust and transparency to the process.

Contact Info:
Name: Mu Amos
Email: Send Email
Organization: UPPA Inc.
Phone: 929 267 3264

Video URL: https://youtu.be/dEH91Y0BAZ8

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