Twinny, the all-in-one mobile messenger startup, is getting US$270K in investment

Mon Apr 3, 2017 - 8:08am GMT+0000
Twinny, the all-in-one mobile messenger startup, is getting US$270K in investment
Twinny’s MoiGo APP

When it comes to mobile messaging apps, KakaoTalk is the leader in South Korea, where it is already on 93 percent of the country’s roughly 36 million smartphones.

Despite that, a new startup, Twinny is still looking to enter the market with what it believes to be a better alternative – MoiGo.

“The mobile messenger market is called the graveyard of startups for its high entry barrier, but the potential for growth is also endless,“ said the CEO of Twinny – Cheon HongSeok.

“Looking at the history of IT,” he further added, “innovation has always been achieved through efficient and convenient services. I am confident that MoiGo can be that innovative service.”

Although the app was only recently launched in March but it has already received highly favorable reviews from its users as an all-in-one platform.

That is, apart from the usual chatting functions, the MoiGo messaging app also offers new distinguishing features – linking messaging with the most frequently used functionalities including the schedule messenger and memo board.

Through these functions, users can share important schedules with each other through the calendar screen alongside chatting with individual or group members in the chatbox.

The premise behind MoiGo, according to Twinny, is that messaging apps should be able to bring forth convenience and efficiency.

But still, a lot of the communication that occurs in messaging app like for instance, planning where and when to meet, telling your spouse what to get from the supermarket and so on – is unnecessarily inefficient.

MoiGo thus provides a solution by adding functionalities that extend the abilities of text messaging to the next level, making it easier to accomplish different kinds of tasks through a single app.

Besides, MoiGo users can conveniently convert between different file types, for instance, a new schedule can be created by detecting a schedule-related content in a memo or a chat content and vice versa.

Twinny Inc is founded on September 2015 by Cheon YoungSeok and Cheon HongSeok with the mission to provide a technology that will connect people and facilitate sharing and expression.

Now, with a recently sealed 300 million won (about US$270K) investment from Daejon-based KITE Entrepreneurship Foundation, MoiGo is looking to introduce more user-centric updates for an integrated messaging platform.

“MoiGo will be the next generation mobile messenger that collects and manages all users’ networks in the most efficient and convenient way,” said Cheon HongSeok.

MoiGo is currently in beta and is supported on multiple platforms. It can be used on the smartphone as well as the PC.

By Vivian Foo, VCNewsNetwork