TrashPiles: Crypto Fishermen Cleaning The World’s Waters From Waste Through NFTs

Thu Mar 31, 2022 - 8:45am GMT+0000

United States – March 18, 2022

According to, “Marine debris can present a danger to human health. Nails, glass, and syringes on the beach can cause physical harm to beach-goers. Additionally, trash in our waterways increases the amount of pathogens and chemicals, impacting water quality.”

A group of fishermen who hold all marine life dear to themselves wanted to make a difference, and thus TrashPiles was formed. TrashPiles is a collection of 8,888 unique NFTs living on the Solana blockchain that will help the project donate an initial $100,000 to Big Blue Ocean Cleanup and ultimately make a significant dent in the problem of global water pollution. Big Blue Ocean Cleanup and TrashPiles will work together as official partners to remove trash pollution from around the world.

When asked about the inspiration behind the TrashPiles project, its founders have responded: “Our core team comes from a very outdoorsy background. We are avid outdoorsmen who have spent countless hours on the water and in the woods. The amount of trash and pollution that we have seen is saddening and alarming. We wanted to develop a project that was both fun and beneficial for our planet. In doing so, we have decided to make a sizable donation to an ocean cleanup charity that is going to make a true difference in the world.”

The project’s founders state that all TrashPile holders will have an opportunity to participate in the highly anticipated Trash to Treasure Recycle Events monthly. During this event, sets of virtual TreasureKeys will be available for mint, allowing holders to burn TrashPile NFTs and TreasureKeys to generate a new, exquisitely rare TreasurePile NFT. Each month, TreasurePile NFTs will focus on a specific area of the world to which donations will take place. Each TreasurePile NFT monthly collection will contain unique, custom artwork from a local artist in the region that the collection is focused on, providing extreme value for each TreasurePile. 

TrashPile project leaders have divulged that they will introduce a voting system to the project’s metaverse that will allow TrashPile NFT holders to choose the trash cleanup charity to donate the money raised from the minting of monthly TreasureKeys. Both TrashPiles and TreasurePiles will feature integrated royalties on secondary transactions, ensuring that chosen charities will be perpetually funded.

The TrashPile NFT project has set clear, concrete goals and is steadily inching towards the first milestones set on its roadmap. The project plans to donate an initial $100,000 to an ocean cleanup charity in portions according to their roadmap. The first donation of $5,000 will follow their OG Junkie Private Sale; the second donation of $35,000 will follow the TrashPile Whitelist Presale, while the final donation from the mint of $60,000 will follow after the public mint.

The project will continue to introduce various benefits and surprises to token holders after the minting of TrashPile NFTs is completed and focus on expanding the utilities that come along with it. As the most ambitious, environmentally friendly NFT project on the market, TrashPiles is sending an open invitation to all green-conscious individuals to join its rapidly growing community.

More information about TrashPiles is available on the project’s official website.

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