Total Home Protection Pioneers Innovation in The Home Warranty Industry

Fri Mar 27, 2020 - 2:05am GMT+0000

Total Home Protection, a home warranty company based in the United States, introduces cutting edge AI-based technology and improves upon pre-existing Customer Relationship Management systems by pioneering innovation for the entire industry.

New York, United States – March 26, 2020

Total Home Protection reinvents the home warranty industry with new technology.

Today, Total Home Protection launches new technology into the home warranty industry that improves upon pre-existing CRM systems. This new platform design challenges existing standards in the home warranty industry and reinvents the wheel by automating the process with complex algorithms and creating gateway portals to open up more transparent communications between the home warranty company, its employees, the service contractors that they recommend, and the homeowners that need the home repairs or maintenance.

The industry standards for home warranty companies are fairly indistinguishable. Most companies follow the same pre-established guidelines. To begin with, homeowners are charged with the task of purchasing a coverage plan that works for them. And, it’s their responsibility to notify the home warranty company when there are repairs or replacements that need to be made in their home. Once notified, the company then connects the homeowner to a service contractor that is trained to fix the covered issues at hand, and, depending on the customer’s coverage plan, the repairs or replacements are then paid for by the home warranty company, subject to the contract’s limitations.

However, there are a lot of intermediary steps involved before these homeowners are actually able to get the help that they need. And, for the most part, they are left completely in the dark during this process. These are the things Total Home Protection is aiming to fix with their new platform.

To give an example of what pre-existing customer service systems are like in the home warranty industry, here is what Christian, a verified Total Home Purchase customer from Barnegat, New Jersey, has to say about the subject. “Andrew ** contacted me about my home warranty quote I applied for online. I was unable to take his first call and he was very professional about contacting me at a later time. The second time I spoke with Andrew he was able to provide me with all the information I needed, allowed me to ask questions, and was able to answer them. I’m thankful that Andrew was able to look for the promotions that applied to me and helped me get my home covered at a reasonable rate.”

This verified review was originally written on the 20th of December, 2019. At the time, Total Home Protection was still working under the standard home warranty customer service system. The situation had been handled excellently. The customer was left happy, but the process still took some time.

With Total Home Protection’s new platform, their ultimate objective is to expedite this process further to get homeowners the help they need, when they need it. Plus, give them the necessary gateways that will allow them to stay informed during the entire process and keep track of the repairs or maintenance as they occurred.

Here are some key features of Total Home Protection’s new platform design:
Connect to a service provider in minutes;
Track and follow the progress of the job;
Live chats with professionals through text messaging;
Capture the digital history of home repairs and maintenance;
Manage several properties at a time.

David Seruya, the Owner and CEO of Total Home Protection, has said that the company is “…dedicated to providing World Class Customer Service through our technology and providing fast and effective solutions to our customers.” And that this technology is what will allow them to do that. Simply, by bridging that gap and improving response times. Thanks, in large part, to their new platform’s AI-based algorithms that eliminate most of the need for intermediary intervention by quickly and efficiently matching a homeowner’s claim to a verified service provider that can do the job.

With this technology, they are hoping to challenge and surpass existing standards by providing what they believe is the fastest service possible in the industry at this time. All while striving to maintain the highest of quality when it comes to the actual home services provided.

About Total Home Protection
Total Home Protection is a home warranty company that puts a lot of focus on their customer services. They aim to do this by applying high-standards, not only to the service contractors in their network, all of whom are regularly graded on their performance through carefully curated customer satisfaction surveys, but also the platform and systems that they use.

Especially, the ones that homeowners are meant to use to get the repairs and replacements that they need for their home. The introduction of this new AI-based technology is their first big step in that direction, but they are committed to making further improvements as time passes and are looking forward to more developments to come.

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