Total home protection introduces new way of securing a home warranty

Wed May 20, 2020 - 1:55am GMT+0000

Along with their new AI-fueled platform, Total Home Protection’s goal is to provide a novel way to get a home warranty and the best service for their customers.

May 19, 2020

Total Home Protection is proud to introduce a new way of getting a home warranty, providing customer reassurance, individual service and the perfect way to safeguard vital appliances around the home. There are many home warranty companies operating in the United States, but Total Home Protection offers a novel and innovative way of protecting the things which truly matter to homeowners.

Total Home Protection has adopted a new approach to their customer service, presenting a fantastic solution for homeowners and real estate professionals alike. While home warranty costs are often highly variable, homeowners can now benefit from a fresh, reliable service without any of the hidden costs or confusion which so often accompany warranty plans for the home. By taking this new approach, Total Home Protection connects customers directly with a range of fantastic services – and an equally incredible customer service team.

Despite being a new company, Total Home Protection has already developed an enviable reputation in the home warranty industry, delivering both value and peace of mind to each one of its customers.

This dedication to customer care can be seen in the positive responses the company has garnered. “The enrolment process with Total Home Protection went fine, and the sales rep who I dealt with was nice,” says Phyllis of Valdosta, GA, a verified reviewer and buyer of the product. “They were professional and knowledgeable. I also looked at Choice Home Warranty, but THP sounded better than them.”

Total Home Protection’s dedication to customer care and efficiency is apparent in their use of the latest AI-technology to fuel innovation. Their use of AI and complex algorithms to facilitate the processing of customer claims is certain to place them in the top tier of home warranty companies.

With this new and exclusive platform, customers of Total Home Protection will be able to:
– request a claim within minutes,
– keep track of the entire process from start to finish,
– contact professional technicians who can provide insights about the job,
– store a digital history of all the repairs and maintenance done on their home,
– and, even, manage multiple properties at once.

In addition to this new customer service system, Total Home Protection’s existing initial processing system had always been quick to begin with. All customers need to do is either call the official toll-free number (1-800-545-0402) or take a look at the website to get a free quotation from a Total Home Protection representative.

When service is needed, their old system, which this new one builds-off of, was also fairly efficient when it came to processing claims. All customers needed to do was request service – which itself takes just a few minutes. If customers don’t want to call the hotline, then they can also access all the tools they need via the dedicated online dashboard. After their initial claim has been made, Total Home Protection will then match the customer with a highly rated technician locally, and the maintenance and repairs of covered items can then be carried out.

It’s only Total Home Protection’s dedication to pushing the standards of their industry that led to the engineering of this new and faster system. Something that the company hopes to emulate for some time to come.

About Total Home Protection

As a new home warranty company on the rise, Total Home Protection offers a variety of coverage types for its customer base. This customisation helps to instil added confidence, and goes beyond the average plans which are available to include more deluxe, mix and match solutions.

Many prospective customers will be left wondering what, precisely, their home warranty will cover. This factor is largely dependent on the plan which the client chooses. Warranty should never be mixed up with home insurance, as warranty only covers replacements and repairs which are necessary due to wear and tear.

Confidence in Total Home Protection is shared by many customers, who are ready to sing the praises of this innovative solution. “I purchased the 3 year Platinum plan and referred by my sister as well, who also purchased the same plan I did. I also referred to my neighbour,” says Joanna of Colorado Springs, CO. There are a variety of different scalable solutions available with Total Home Protection, each of which offer access to different services which are valuable to homeowners who want to protect their property.

The Platinum plan includes the most items and add-ons, with everything from heating systems to electrics, Whirlpool bathtubs and refrigerators covered. The Gold plan is also rather comprehensive, with items such as dishwashers, garbage disposal and ovens all covered. For those who want to customise their plan, there are also a variety of different options for encompassing different appliances and additional appliances to those already covered by the original client plan.
In this, along with their new platform, Total Home Protection’s ultimate goal is to provide the best possible service for their customers.

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