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Individuals continue to discover new ways to obtain the care they need, and healthcare providers rely on digital marketing strategies to connect with these consumers, announces

May 19, 2020 /MarketersMEDIA/

Consumers find they have more choices than ever before when it comes to healthcare. Health savings accounts and high-deductible plans were novelties less than 20 years ago, yet today countless individuals and families benefit from the services. However, the demand for choice continues, and companies must recognize this.

For example, in a consumer survey conducted by PwC, almost half of the respondents stated they would have a wound treated or stitches removed at a retail pharmacy or clinic. This serves as only one way in which the private sector can help improve healthcare in the country today, and there are others. For instance, one-third of participants in the survey said they would obtain an MRI through one of these retail providers. What does this mean for healthcare providers?

Digital marketing remains vital in today’s world. Consumers want to know where to turn when they require medical care and often benefit from mobile devices when seeking this information. Ninety-six percent of Americans own a cell phone today, and 81 percent of these phones fall into the smartphone category. This means the user has the world at his fingertips wherever he goes.

Obtaining medical care becomes easier when this is the case, but companies need to ensure they can be found on the internet when someone is in need of their services. More than 40 percent of consumers in 2016 reported information obtained through social media impacted the way they handled health matters.

Healthcare providers must ensure content shared across these networks is educational, informative, and accurate. Furthermore, these providers need to be willing to engage with consumers on social networking sites, as those between the ages of 18 to 24 are twice as likely to discuss health-related topics on these sites than their counterparts who fall between the ages of 45 and 54.

During 2016, 19 percent of individuals used their smartphones to monitor aspects of their health. Popular apps included those focusing on diet, weight, and exercise. Healthcare providers need a strong digital presence to ensure they aren’t missing out on this part of their target audience. This is only one of many ways the digital world benefits those working in the medical profession.

However, care must be taken when it comes to digital marketing for nonprofits and healthcare professionals. “Medical websites and digital marketing strategies require a substantial amount of finesse”. The client wishes to distinguish his practice but must avoid too much flair when working to achieve this goal.

The goal is to look trustworthy without coming across as cold and sterile. Many providers find this to be a challenge and turn to a healthcare digital marketing agency for assistance.

The right marketing agency addresses the specific needs of the medical practice, creating a site that speaks to the audience in terms they can understand. Strategic inbound marketing plays a role in this as well to ensure great returns across the board.

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Forefront Web specializes in building sites that best speak to niche medical industries, while also finding areas of great return through strategic inbound marketing. Successful projects are a result of realistic timelines and eagerness to hit those deadlines. ForeFront Web is adamant about smoothing out potential bottlenecks in the process and adhering to milestone dates. Staff members are incredibly transparent during the web design project journey and will address any hangups and delays along the way. They want a successful, timely launch just as much as the client does!

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