The Online Market Was Recently Updated with a Newly Launched Investment Solution

Fri Nov 17, 2017 - 3:00pm GMT+0000

HBSwiss is an online investing platform created by the former Swiss banker Hans Berger. The automated robot offers a wide range of trading options, special features, and useful services. Currently, the access to the robot is free of charge for everyone.

November 17, 2017

HBSwiss is a professional and advanced auto-trading solution which was created by the prominent European investor Hans Berger. To help him, a childhood friend of him joined the development team of the solution. He is called Bastian Hermann. They both designed a powerful and proficient online investing system that generates stable results on the behalf of its members. Hans states: “I have always wanted to combine my knowledge and Bastian’s IT developing skills to create a really working trading solution which can be used by regular people. I hope that I have finally managed to achieve my dream.” According to some initial tests and research, beta-testers of the platform state that the profits it manages to deliver are impressive and consistent. This comes to confirm the authenticity of the new product.

Hans Berger – the creator of the automated robot, explains that he was assisted by his team of experts and Bastian Hermann and that without their help and knowledge, he would be able to finish the work on the system. Thanks to a team work, the result is expected to be quite impressive and positive for all the people who decide to sign up for the platform. Hans maybe really achieved his longtime goal of establishing an auto-trading robot that could provide Swiss quality and unprecedented results to its clients. Now, only the passage of time will show if the solution will be able to maintain the high results it generates to date.

A very important fact about the HBSwiss robot is the fact that its implemented algorithms achieve 87% winning rate of the conducted transactions. In other words, all the people who decide to opt for the platform will most likely remain satisfied with the provided results.

Another important aspect of the particular investing software is the fact that its interface has been built in a user-friendly manner thus even complete newbies will be able to easily handle their personal trading experience and achieve consistent profitability. The wide range of additional services, special features, and useful information is another attempt of Hans to make sure that all the members of his robot will feel safe and comfortable while placing their trades.

You can choose between many different options when it comes to trading assets. For example, you will have access to the Forex market, and to the CFD trading field at the same time.

According to Hans Berger “The features and the possibilities that my software offers to online traders will constantly increase. My team and I plan to further expand the assets catalog and the languages coverage of the customer support center. This will enable ever more people with the chance to benefit from the power of the system.”

The most important thing when it comes to an online product is what are the possibilities of further upgrade and update of its features and services. Taking into account the statement of the creator, it is obvious that this automatically trading software will continue to follow the right direction and soon enough it may become the most preferred trading solution that is available on the market.

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