The newly launched worldwide Social Media app “Telefanz” rivals the popular Social Media apps and aims to make Social Media a Better Place

Tue Jul 9, 2024 - 3:45am GMT+0000

The new social media platform “Telefanz” aims to compete with other social media platforms, offering an easy-to-use app in 17 languages, original content done by verified Creators and Streamers only, and a secure community.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – July 9, 2024

“Telefanz”, the new social media platform for exciting, spontaneous, genuine videos and photos, was officially launched last month with the slogan ‘Social Media Made Better’. Competing with leading platforms like TikTok, “Telefanz” stands out with SocialFi features. It also features Approved & Verified Content Creators, original content, and a secure community, along with support for 17 languages.

Andrew George, Founder of “Telefanz”, emphasizes, “Telefanz users find inspiration and entertainment on a single, completely secure platform where genuine photos and videos are one scroll away.”

Anyone can easily have a Verified Account

Telefanz, which can be opened in seconds with Email, Google, or Apple Login, is a platform where users can search for category-based Content Creators and follow only the Creators that appeal to their interests. In addition, every user can easily request verification in his profile settings and apply to have a verified account without the requirement of a minimum number of Fanz (followers).

According to DataReportal insights, it is known that, in January 2024, estimates show that TikTok alone has over 1 billion users worldwide. On the other hand, according to Statista, 62.6 per cent of the global population, or 5.07 billion people, use at least one social media platform. “Telefanz” is the newest player in a market where adoption is high.

A fairer revenue model for Content Creators

Telefanz’ approved Content Creators can earn Coinzz, the currency of Telefanz, per post and through Livestreams. Users can also gift between 1 and 50,000 Coinzz to their favorite Creators. These currencies can be used on the Telefanz platform, and Creators can also convert the Coinzz they earn through Telefanz into real currency on the Telefanz website. Each 1,000 Coinzz earned corresponds to 5 US Dollars, which makes Telefanz offering Content Creators a 50 percent share, as opposed to 35 percent on other platforms. This means a fairer profit for Creators and which is considered among the important features that distinguish Telefanz from other social media platforms.

Telefanz has all the features that internet users are accustomed to from other social media platforms such as liking, sharing, commenting, light/dark mode, chat, livestreaming, notification history, profile creation, and hashtags.

“It’s time to see considerable changes in the Social Media World” 

“It’s time to see considerable changes in the social media world” says Mr. Andrew George, emphasizing that Telefanz is a super secure platform. And adds: “It pays more attention to data security and moderation than any of its competitors. Every post is instantly checked before going live to make sure we keep a safe environment. Telefanz will connect users in a safe environment in addition to unlimited benefits to each user being a streamer, an influencer or just someone who loves to see interesting videos and photos.”

For more information about Telefanz, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store, please visit

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