TalentCap Calling for 2018 Speakers After Digital Marketing Innovation Conference 2017 Success

Mon Dec 18, 2017 - 8:00am GMT+0000

With the Digital Marketing Innovation Conference proving a resounding success, TalentCap is calling for 2018 speakers for their next conference on social media.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – December 18, 2017

TalentCap is celebrating the completion of Digital Marketing Innovation Conference, its first international conference in Southeast Asia. Held in Kuala Lumpur, the conference brought together speakers from Google, Microsoft, Appier, Axiata, BBDO and more. The conference included talks from digital marketing experts to discuss new innovations and strategies that could assist businesses in transforming their growth, productivity and performance.

Exit interviews confirmed that the great enthusiasm for the lessons learned at the event, with both attendees and keynote speakers looking forward to the future of Digital Marketing Innovation Conference and next year’s event.

As the first ever Digital Marketing Innovation Conference, the 2017 conference succeed in making a genuine impact on the Southeast Asian SME culture. The event was geared toward emphasizing the importance of digital disruption as an invaluable tool to bricks and mortar businesses, who risk being left behind if they do not adapt to the realities of the new market.

Freda Liu, producer and presenter of BFM Media explained her impressions of the event, “We’re all different levels of maturity in terms of adopting new technologies… it’s great to see what people are doing with technology, what people are doing in Malaysia, and how we can learn from each other.”

Winnie Chen-Head, General Manager from Fave Malaysia, was optimistic about the impact of the event, saying, “I think on a scale like this, it’s very good for people to see the potential, and the different case studies, and get inspired to do something. Even my own team have come back to tell me they have gained a lot of insights, and have a lot of inspiration for great ideas of pilot tests to run.”

Roberto Cumaraswamy from Growth Marketing Consultant, explained a possible focus for next year’s conference, “The data is beginning to increase, and our ability to use that data with new services is increasing as well. It will be very interesting to see how AI takes thing forward with machine learning.”

Dr. Farouk, Chief Data Scientist from Innovation Advisory Group explained how omnichannel marketing, a key theme at the conference, could be invaluable to Southeast Asia’s growth, “I think Southeast Asia is primed to leap frog a lot of western societies, because we are more agile, we can adapt quicker to new technologies, and we’re more open.”

A spokesperson for Digital Marketing Innovation Conference explained, “We are pleased and proud to have had such a successful first event, and we are already full of ideas for how we can make next year’s event bigger and better still. We are so pleased to have had PRWire Asia with us, documenting and proliferating the latest news and developments to the widest possible audience. Their work has definitely helped make this event as successful as it has been.”

Following the success, TalentCap announces 2018 Call For Speakers. TalentCap is pleased to announce that it is accepting presenter proposals for the Social Media Innovation Conference, a two-days tactical conference happening on April 2018 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

TalentCap is looking for compelling Social Media Marketing best practices, exciting case studies, and tear-downs of successful and failed projects. The conference focus topics on Strategic Social Media include; Video Live-Streaming, Engagement, Listening, Platform & Tools, Messaging Apps, Chatbots, Programmatic, Community Building, User-Generated Content, Public Relations, Thought Leadership, Data, Analytics, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram – among others.

If you are interested in being a part of the Social Media Innovation Conference and presenting your insights to the digital marketing industry professionals and business leaders in the region, TalentCap would want to hear from you! For more information, please visit https://talentcap.com/social-media-innovation-conference