SolSuntech Inc. gets recognition from leading Korean Government Agency for creating a Revolutionary Solar Panel

Sat Dec 8, 2018 - 7:17pm UTC

On November 13, SolSuntech Inc., a leading R&D and solar panel manufacturing company was endorsed by the Korean Energy Agency and Dr. Kim Dae-Ryong for its revolutionary 3D solar cells producing an ultra-high 33% efficiency.

Lou Kraft, the CEO of SolSuntech and his partners from South Korea introduced the world’s first solar cell with a 3D structured wavy silicon shape, which increases the surface area that absorbs the solar light and allows reabsorption of the same reflected light. When a crystalline silicon solar cell is a curved surface, the area receiving light becomes wider. This significantly increases the power generation efficiency. Full Case Study.

Namhyeon Jang, the technical manager of the Korean Energy Agency, said: “I have accumulated a lot of technical experience working in the solar energy field for a long time. I have been informed of the core technology of 3D solar cell based on SolSuntech’s 3D Wafer and have verified that it is actually feasible through research. When mass production lines begin to be installed in the future I will make a contribution to bring more than 33% of ultra-high efficient solar cells to the market.”

Similarly, Dr. Dae-Ryong, who has 36 years of experience working in energy management, stated: “Suntech is able to produce solar cells with ultra-high efficiency of 33% or more through its own technology. When the mass production line starts to build, I will do my best to optimize it quickly.”

After the case study was conducted at SolSuntech R&D facilities in South Korea, both Mr. Jang and Dr. Dae-Ryong verified that throughout the manufacturing and assembly process, 3D solar cells achieve consisted efficiency of 33%.

Currently, no other solar panel on the market is capable of achieving such levels of performance. In general, all manufacturers of solar cells produce flat solar panels with energy productivity limited to approximately 18%. Even the premium grade panels on the market known as “Tier 1” are offering only 21-22% efficiency. When comparing a typical 6-inch cell with SolSuntech’s revolutionary 5-inch 3D cell, the power per unit of the latter has a performance of 153.8% as compared with the 6-inch general cell.

SolSuntech is evolving at a much higher rate than the entire market in increasing the efficiency of solar cells. Through multiple years of painstaking research, SolSuntech has perfected the cutting process used to create a three-dimensional solar cell by designing four of their own proprietary machines. SolSuntech’s innovative technology allows cutting silicon without fracturing it, so that the integrity of the 3D corrugated cell is not damaged and remains solid. No other tech company had previously succeeded at it.

The goal of SolSuntech is to produce the panel exclusively in the USA. The entire manufacturing process will be set up in a new plant in the U.S. state of Virginia. By being a domestic manufacturer, SolSuntech will avoid the section 201 tariff of 30% a year. This cost reduction will allow the company to sell its ultra-high efficient panels at the best price per quality ratio in the U.S.

The company’s plan for the future is aligning with surging worldwide demand for panels. SolSuntech plans to reach 100-megawatt annual production volume by 2020 while striving to achieve a total production of 500 megawatts by February 2023. Researchers from South Korea have already begun developing the Third Generation of the 3D cells that carries a potential efficiency higher than 40%.

SolSuntech is very likely to take the leading position in the market not only in the U.S., but also worldwide. It understands that the need for clean renewable energy is not just an idea but also a mandate in many regions of the world. Many countries continue to restate their yearly renewable energy goals, creating excitement and competition in reducing the global footprint. SolSuntech offers a significant product advancement to balance the world’s appetite for solar energy.

About SolSuntech Inc. ( SolSuntech is a fast-growing international solar panel manufacturing company with headquarters in New York and R&D center in South Korea. They introduced the first 3D structural solar panel with a revolutionary 33% module efficiency to the market. SolSuntech has its main manufacturing facility in Virginia.

This news is published on Reuters.

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