Solitaire Expands Selection Of Lab-Made Diamonds

Mon May 14, 2018 - 3:15pm UTC

The custom jewellery professional provides lab-made diamonds and custom-made services in Toronto. Designer Alex Armen offers direct collaboration to clients looking for bespoke pieces.

May 14, 2018

Toronto’s Authentic Custom Jeweller and Toronto designer Alex Armen are pleased to announce that they collaborate directly with clients who desire custom jewellery pieces. Solitaire offers laboratory lab-made diamonds directly from the lab, and these diamonds are 100% carbon, and ethically produced and distributed. The jewellery studio is dedicated to design and quality, with made-to-order, one-off pieces. The modern-influenced creations are comprised of the finest quality materials, as envisioned by designer and artist, Alex Armen.

In every respect, laboratory or man-made diamonds are virtually identical to their mined counterparts. Their hardness, cut and polish are the same, and they are graded for colour, cut, clarity, and carat the same way as a mined diamond. Its longevity is forever, just like a mined diamond. An important difference is that no natural landscapes are touched in lab diamond production, and there is no potential for unethical practices.

A representative of the Canadian firm explained, “You can fulfill your ideal spend and timeline, while at the same time experiencing Solitaire’s signature guidance and unmatched quality. Solitaire’s design studio and workshop are comprised of experienced, certified professionals, including an in-house designer, a diamond and gem specialist and a goldsmith. The true definition of bespoke, made-to-order is the experience which we have perfected.”

The lab-made diamond savings are typically 40% to 50% of the cost of a mined diamond, plus you receive a higher quality stone (better colour and clarity) for less. Solitaire provides clients with their lab diamond directly from the manufacturer, saving clients money.

Each lab diamond is made following the highest quality standards. Your diamond is microscopically laser inscribed as a laboratory diamond along with its grading report number.

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Name: Solitaire: Toronto’s Authentic Custom Jeweller
Organization: Solitaire: Toronto’s Authentic Custom Jeweller
Address: Victoria Street, Toronto ON
Phone: ( 888) 626-9293

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