Solar Made… Simple No more CONFUSION and PUSHY sales people.

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Gilbert,United States – March 20, 2022

Solar can be overwhelming with all of the information out there. On top that it’s an industry where most companies teach high pressure sales tactics to force and sometimes trick the consumer into buying. It makes it hard on the professionals that really want to make a positive experience for the consumer.

Next, we have the lead generation websites that provide the consumer with false hope on what a solar system really costs. Their strategy is to get peoples information so they can sell it to solar companies or reps. However, that does no good for anyone except for the lead generation company. Most of the time and most of them will do whatever it takes to grab someone’s information so they can sell it.

Understanding there is a problem with all of the above, Ask Anything Solar has come up with a solution that is very straight forward. Learn about the consumer and what they want or what they are looking for and help them gather the information they need to make an informed decision without the pushy or slimy sales tactics that make your stomach turn.

Ask Anything Solar will not put that pressure on them and create those awkward situations. Ask Anything Solar will let you know from the start that it’s ok if you don’t want to lease or purchase a system at this time. They fully believe that if the time is not right, that is ok. They believe that if they treat everyone they are working with, with the respect they deserve, that when the consumer is ready, they will come to them to buy or in the meantime refer people to them because they treated the consumer so well.

This is what Ask Anything Solar’s message is to consumers…

What we find in the solar industry is most people are overwhelmed with all of the information out there, they are sick and tired of being taken advantage of & are unsure of what to do when it comes to saving money on their electric bill.

We have developed a process to help people gather the information they need to make an informed decision & not be stressed out by companies or sales people putting pressure on them that’s unnecessary.

For more information or to schedule a 15 minute call to see if it makes sense to do a deeper dive in regards to solar for your home or business, please go to

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