SEOAtlantic Helps Businesses To Thrive Online During COVID-19 Pandemic

Sun May 17, 2020 - 4:24am GMT+0000

SEOAtlantic is a new digital marketing and search engine optimization company that focuses on helping small businesses transition to online activity through the use of SEO. In this time of COVID-19, their SEO Services in Manchester have expanded to help businesses around the country.

Bucharest, Romania – May 17, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

More businesses than ever have started their transition to online sales and marketing. And, with the onset of the novel coronavirus and the subsequent pandemic the world finds itself dealing with, even more businesses have gone online with the intent of saving their business.

The team at SEOAtlantic has seen this need and, as a result, they have worked to expand their SEO Services in Manchester to the rest of the UK and beyond. CEO Mihaita Vulpe has been working around the clock with his team in order to expand the services that they offer and to ensure that they have the ability to service businesses in this time of need.

Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is one of the most consistent, proven ways for websites to get a lot of attention on the internet. This process involves utilizing keywords in strategic ways in order to provide search engines with “hits”. If you do it properly, the algorithms (which are only known by search engine companies; SEO experts work off of what is tried and true) will propel pages to the top of search results.

“SEO isn’t just about keyword stuffing or buying the #1 ad spot,” Vulpe explains. “It is about being deliberate about what you have to offer, how often you update your site, and what words you use in order to share about your products and services.” He goes on to explain how it’s essential to know how to write online copy vs. copy you’d write on the internet.

By connecting with businesses of all sizes and types, SEOAtlantic is able to help with website design, keyword use, blog writing, and a variety of other services that are related to helping businesses to get the best search engine results possible. The team has several experts, who work side-by-side with business owners so that they can get their feet off the ground in the online space.

As with many SEO services, the intention of SEOAtlantic is that businesses are able to thrive, while still obtaining SEO services in Manchester and around the world. This balance of agency and professional assistance is what the company is striving for as they connect with new clients worldwide.

SEOAtlantic was started by CEO Mihaita Vulpe, with the intention of helping businesses of all sizes to transition to online sales and marketing with ease. The SEOAtlantic team works with Manchester businesses (and others throughout the UK) in order to guide them in search engine optimization, along with other proven forms of digital marketing. More information about SEOAtlantic can be found at their website, Media inquiries can be forwarded to their email,

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