Robert A. Dodell Adoptions Program Continues Successful Charity Giving Plan

Fri May 18, 2018 - 9:15am UTC

The Scottsdale adoption attorney offers a contribution to the charity of the foster parents choosing upon completion of the adoption. The amount of the donation is one hundred dollars.

Scottsdale AZ – May 18, 2018

Robert A. Dodell Attorney is pleased to announce the success of the first adoption donation program being a success, that effective immediately, $100 dollars of legal fees from the adoption will be donated to a charity organization picked by the foster parents. The donation occurs upon completion of the adoption. The offer of donation is good through June 1, 2019.

The adoption does not have to be completed by the expiration date, but foster parents must have retained the services of the attorney prior to the date.

Robert A. Dodell located in Scottsdale has been acting as legal counsel for family and non-family members who desire to adopt a child. These adoptions are taking place due to a child in need of adoption by a family member: grandparents, aunts or uncles, cousins, even siblings. They are also taking place for Non-family members that are also willing to open up their home and family to a child in need. Robert A. Dodell is particularly drawn to these adoptions, as they take children who may otherwise enter into the foster care system and place them in a permanent forever family’s home where they are loved and wanted. The adoption is a big decision for family and foster parents and an exciting step in the life of the child.

Robert A. Dodell considers it both a pleasure and a privilege to assist those who are considering adoption of a child who needs a home and family support from loving parents. Robert A. Dodell adoptions provides the necessary services to guide parents-to-be through the adoption process. He understands the law and assures that all paperwork is accurately and fully completed. Robert is proud to help people through the adoption process. Prospective parents are assisted to navigate the process efficiently and effectively. The attorney addresses all legal matters as parents bring a new child into the family.

In addition to legal services for adoptions, the Scottsdale legal team has the knowledge and experience to provide personal legal counsel in the specialties of criminal defense, DUI and domestic violence. Additional services for juvenile clients and their families include juvenile delinquency defense and juvenile dependencies.

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