REAPRA targets to invest US$46 million in Southeast Asia this year

Wed Apr 26, 2017 - 7:32am GMT+0000
REAPRA targets to invest US$46 million in Southeast Asia this year

REAPRA Pte Ltd, an active business builder is planning to invest up to US$46.6 million (about S$65 million) in Southeast Asia this year.

REAPRA’s CEO Shuhei Morofuji and CFO Takeo Matsuda, along with REAPRA’s chief human resource officer Jason Dacaret were recently seen visiting the Philippines as part of their research efforts to learn more about their targeted industries in Southeast Asian countries.

“We are studying the entry strategy for each country,” Morofuji said. “As an industry builder, we keep looking for an opportunity to create a new industry and we have already identified 12 industries that are promising markets in Southeast Asia.”

The twelve industries, according to REAPRA Ventures, are agriculture and food, hospitality, real estate, education, healthcare, beauty, aviation, digital marketing, startup media, E-entertainment, joint venture, and asset management.

“In some cases, we will build companies from scratch, or invest in existing ones,” Matsuda noted.

In these 12 targeted industries, REAPRA plans to create 20 subsidiaries, either through starting and managing businesses themselves or through investing in promising entrepreneurs and innovative companies with investment ticket size between US$300,000 to US$2 million.

“In the Philippines right now, we are looking at real estate closely. These are all built-in startups,” Dacaret explained. “But we’re still in a research space in the Philippines. We’re relatively new to it and we are learning about the infrastructure here and the ecosystem of the different VC companies and also the government’s plans to help build the business ecosystem.”

Founded in 2015, REAPRA Group is a venture builder based in Singapore with a portfolio of 40 companies including gadgets zone business Tecbox and online pawnshop Pawnhero. Its most recent investment was made this April – a US$2.1 million seed funding in Spout Entertainment Group, and another US$1.2 million in Sycamore Media Holdings Pte Ltd.

The venture builder plans to go public in the next five years, as well as to become a US$2 billion industry builder company in the next decade.

By Vivian Foo, VCNewsNetwork