Launches Software to Screen & Monitor Mental Health Issues as CDC Reports Alarming Statistics in Latest Findings

Fri May 29, 2020 - 2:54am GMT+0000

The company’s innovative technology uses patent pending adaptive algorithms to facilitate instant, automated wellness checks, not only for the COVID virus, but also for potential mental health problems.

May 28, 2020

Baltimore, MD – At a time when many businesses are looking for ways to reopen, is helping its clients do so safely with CDC-aligned software that provides a much-needed ‘return-to-work’ solution for administrative staff in industries that include healthcare, construction, government, senior care and restaurants. The company is now focusing on the sudden spike in mental health related symptoms and conditions due to COVID-19.

The latest findings from the CDC on the current mental health situation brought on by the pandemic are shocking. Statistics show that one third of Americans are showing signs of clinical anxiety or depression due to COVID-19:

• 34 out of every 100 Americans are showing symptoms of anxiety, depression or both
• Women, younger people and the poor are the worst effected
• Overall, the number of people feeling down, depressed, or hopeless has doubled since 2014

These results reflect an alarming sign of the toll the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent shutdowns are having on the mental health of the nation, as unemployment figures soar and the death toll rises. With an increased demand for help, resources are becoming increasingly strained and it’s proving difficult for people to access the ongoing help they need.

Chris Nickerson, Pinpoint Health’s Director of Customer Success, points out that May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

“This is the perfect time to get the word out about the Pinpoint platform,” says Nickerson. “Although our technology can be used at any time and doesn’t have to be COVID-related, there are growing concerns about the mental health of certain segments of the population. Here we have a solution that could save many lives.”

Nickerson adds that the Pinpoint platform can help the entire ecosystem, from the general public to health departments, hospitals and senior care providers.

Fully automated and inexpensive, the process involves the use of SMS (text message and email) to reach, screen and route its audience as a means to identify and monitor mood disturbances associated with the stress of COVID-19, whether that be due to a diagnosis or the pandemic itself. It can also be used to identify domestic violence or intimate partner violence during times of increased health and economic stress.

For the general public, the platform provides a convenient way to get immediate feedback and direction to response-specific resources via SMS messaging in order to sustain or adjust a path to wellness.
Health Departments will see an immediate, immense reduction in administrative burden. When someone calls into a hotline to get support, the system automates ongoing regular check-ins to gauge any changes in symptoms, thoughts or mood.

Hospitals and senior care providers are now able to automatically communicate at scale with their entire patient population to help more people in an extremely simple, cost-effective way. And while most hospitals are losing money due to overcrowding, overtime and a hold on elective procedures, Pinpoint’s technology is revenue-generating beyond COVID-19. Online wellness check-ins are reimbursable events from Medicare as both annual wellness and chronic care treatments.

About the Company

Founded in 2016, the Pinpoint technology was developed and launched at a Baltimore School to provide instant accountability for students and teachers in active shooter and active threat situations. Utilizing innovative technology for the safety and security of communities, schools and businesses have been the organization’s mission from the beginning.

In 2020, Pinpoint launched its wellness check pathway, which is being used by employers to perform remote wellness screening and return-to-work procedures in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization leverages technology solutions to increase efficiency and provide symptom monitoring for COVID-19 residents, screening of those at risk for COVID-19 and identification of mood disturbances along with identification of domestic violence/intimate partner violence during times of increased health and economic stress.

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