Smart city app Qlue receives funding from GDP Venture to make the city a better place

Smart city app Qlue receives funding from GDP Venture to make the city a better place


Jakarta-based smart city app developer Qlue has earlier announced that it is raising funds from GDP Venture which is led by Martin Hartono.

Although the investment figure was not disclosed, the funding was said to be the biggest that the startup has earned compared to its preceding rounds.

Previously, in May 2016, Qlue has raised more than US$1 million in its Series A funding round from angel investor Arya Setiadharma via his investment firm Prasetia Dwidharma and consultant firm Juvisk.

With the funding, Qlue is reportedly looking to recruit new talents, diversify its product, and strengthen its smart city services.

Starting from generating the reporting system of special citizens in the area, Qlue has now developed into a smart city platform for civic engagement. The startup provides its solution through an app available for citizens to actively report and share civic issues in their neighborhood to city authorities and enterprises.

To date, the startup has established its presence in 9 Indonesian cities, facilitating various needs such as report filing system, security, and many others. It is also in collaboration with other governmental institutions such as the National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) and the National Police.

In June, Qlue also invested in tech developer Nodeflux in an effort to complement Qlue’s services by providing the technology that enables devices to become smarter.

Besides its smart city solutions, Qlue also offer management solutions for enterprises including Quack, a collaboration tool for employees and managers to solve issues efficiently and Qluster, a billing and residents’ report management tools for property developers.

Indonesian healthcare platform Alodokter secures US$9 million to develop a fully-integrated healthcare ecosystem

Indonesian healthcare platform Alodokter secures US$9 million to develop a fully-integrated healthcare ecosystem


Alodokter, a digital platform providing healthcare information in English and Bahasa Indonesia has managed to raise US$9 million in its recent Series B funding round.

This is Alodokter’s third funding round and is led by Softbank Ventures Korea, and participated by existing investor Golden Gate Ventures and FengHe Group.

Headquartered in Jakarta, Alodokter looks to fill a gap in Indonesia where there is a lack of access to quality and neutral information about healthcare and medical services providers.

With the latest investment, the startup is looking to expand its business operations across Southeast Asia.

Alodokter aims to develop a fully-integrated healthcare ecosystem where patients can chat with doctors, book offline medical service, handle their health medical records, and manage their lifestyle.

“We want our app to be on top of the mind of our patients when they have health-related issues,” said Nathanael Faibis, the Founder and CEO of Alodokter. “By managing so much information on patients, doctors and service providers, we are gradually building a much more efficient solution than traditional methods to find the right solution for patients.”

Alodokter is founded in 2014 by CEO Nathanael Faibis. It currently publishes healthcare content on diseases, drugs, well-being and family. It also provides a Q&A database of patients and doctors where users can reference.

The platform recently introduced an Artificial Intelligence-assisted chat app, where patients can consult doctors about their health issues. The startup claims that every month there are over 250,000 patients who use the chat platform to interact with about 350 doctors.

“Our big bet was that online market demand would go for chat interaction with doctors. Users’ reception has been very impressive. We believe that a mix a AI and real-doctor interaction is the future of healthcare online. We are gathering one of the largest databases of patient/doctors interaction in the world, which will give us an important edge in providing one of the best digital healthcare services,” Faibis added.

Alodokter claims it has more than 16 million active monthly users, and has clocked more than 1 million downloads so far. It currently generates revenues from advertisements by healthcare-related brands on its portals and apps.

The startup is also running a similar service in Thailand, under the brand