Huawei Invest US$1 Million Into New AI Research Partnership With UC Berkeley

Huawei invest uc berkeley

Artificial intelligence has been heralded as the trend in the tech industry presently. In the latest news on that front, China’s Huawei and University of California, Berkeley are forging a research partnership focusing on basic Artificial Intelligence (AI) research. The Chinese technology company will be providing US$1 million into funding the research.

Additionally, the partnership will be between Huawei Noah’s Ark Laboratory and Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR), with the research unit being billed as “a strategic partnership into basic research” will be concentrated on the development of machine learning, AI and data mining.

As such, Huawei and UC Berkeley researches will work on the next wave of Artificial Intelligence technology, specifically catering to specific AI related domains such as deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision and reinforcement learning.

But ultimately, the aim of the partnership is not only to advance Artificial Intelligence research but instead to find uses for the technology among the daily life of the society, that is into real-world application rather than have it confined as mere theoretical models in the laboratory.

“The two parties believe that this strategic partnership will fuel the advancement of AI technology and create completely new experiences for people, thus contributing greatly to society at large,” said Huawei.

In practicality, the advancements made at the Berkeley lab would be similar to Google with its AI assistant or Microsoft and its Cortana virtual assistance, that is adding an AI powered feature into the smartphone or tablet software.

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Singapore’s Carousell Expands Into The Philippines With 40 Million Potential Users


Adding another location to its geographical influence is the online mobile marketplace known as Carousell. The Singapore-based startup is moving to the Philippines, one of the prime mobile commerce markets in Southeast Asia which has over 40 million smartphone users.

Founded in 2012 by Lucas Ngoo, Quek Siu Rui and Marcus Tan, Carousell caters to the needs of the population that has a need to get rid of the things they no longer need or have use for as products. In this case, Carousell facilitate as a platform for people to resell their products with just a simple three-step method, that is to just snap, describe and list it among their catalog of goods. Additionally, users can also chat with other users to discuss about the product.

Although today marks the official launch of Carousell in the Philippines, the application has actually been released earlier in May. It has achieved 110% monthly growth in listings and 240% monthly growth in transaction since the initial launch of the app. This goes to say that the application serve a need to the Philippines with it being the fastest market to reach half a million listings milestone in under six months.

To date, the list of countries which can download the Carousell application includes Singapore, Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Netherlands, New Zealand, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Taiwan, United States, United Kingdom and the newly joined, Philippines.

About Carousell
Carousell is a Singapore-based consumer-to-consumer marketplace app for iOS and Android. The application provides a simple way for users to sell their surplus of clothes, gadgets and accessories by simply taking a picture and providing a description.

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