OshenWatch Luxe A revolutionary fitness tracker Reviews say

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OshenWatch Luxe is the latest fitness tracker on the block and is tough competition for other popular players in the market.

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People are becoming more concerned about their health and taking up some form of exercise or activity to keep fit. Amid the rising concerns of increased obesity among young people these days, people are taking their health seriously. While people take up activities, they end up not knowing how much they are doing. This need for tracking is what drove the founders of OshenWatch Luxe to build the product.

What is OshenWatch Luxe?
OshenWatch Luxe is a digital watch that has upped the game by being an affordable and stylish smart fitness tracker.

It can be worn anywhere, either when going out for a dinner or working out; it will look like an upscale watch.

Smartwatches are known to be cumbersome and OshenWatch Luxe intends to address that. The founders aimed at addressing a number of issues with one device. This fitness tracker will help users with tracking their sleeping patterns, number of steps, calories burned, heart rate, and oxygen saturation levels. This device also helps with receiving phone calls and taking pictures from a phone.

A company official said, “The idea behind OshenWatch Luxe was to create a device which will help users get important insights to improve their health. Insights like how much they should be sleeping, if they are burning enough calories to meet their weight loss or gain goals and if they are keeping up with their daily step count. We also decided to include the calling feature to ensure users can take calls in the middle of activities without stopping to pick up their phones.”

Oshenwatch Luxe helps:
● Track sleep so that users know how well they are sleeping, if they are sleeping enough and if they can make any changes to sleep better for advanced recovery.
● Track steps to know when they are active and to ensure they are moving enough throughout the day.
● Track vitals, including heart rate and oxygen saturation levels, to keep user’s body in peak fat-burning mode.
● Count calories to make sure user is meeting their caloric goals to lose, maintain or gain weight.
● Take phone calls right from the watch or view notifications without ever needing to stop ongoing activity.
● Take pictures with a tap of the screen as long as it is paired to a device.

And the battery life is exceptional to track this information without being concerned the battery will continually need to be recharged.

When it is time to recharge, it can be recharged in the middle of the night so by next morning it will have a full charge to continue using the watch.

The display spans 1.3 inches, and the text is easy to read thanks to the high-definition quality. If a user loses track of their phone, which happens very frequently to some, there is a “find my phone” feature built-in. Visit their Official Website Here!

OshenWatch Luxe comes with the battery pre-charged, although the company recommends charging the battery first. For many customers not only did this watch work, but they have reported it has blown all of their expectations away.

Users are able to track their stats immediately and connect their phone to the watch via Bluetooth to answer calls in the middle of a set. Users are also able to keep the phone on the machine and click the watch to take pictures to check their form and follow their progress.

According to many OshenWatch Luxe reviews users have reported they really fell in love with it after they started wearing it daily and really being able to track their health and fitness.

“It’s amazing how easily you can track your vitals and really see how active you were today”, a user reported.

“And you can also track everything, from your sleep to calories. You’ll be able to use all of this information to push through your plateaus and start noticing a real difference in your health.” mentioned another customer.

Do people have complaints? Sure. But every product, including the OshenWatch Luxe, has its own pros and cons.

Once in a while the step counter can be fickle while walking fast and may miss some of the steps taken.

The corona virus has taught people how much they need to stay fit and improve their immunity. To encourage people to take up exercising the company is giving out discounts on their smartwatch to get people started. Visit their Official Website Here to know more about the promotion.

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