NFT Mortgages through Smart Contracts are Finally Here

Thu Mar 31, 2022 - 3:00pm GMT+0000

United Arab Emirates – March 19, 2022

Homebuyers have the unique opportunity to purchase a property using crypto currency and hold the asset in an NFT for the duration of the mortgage.

Similar to a regular bank, TCBOB, is set to offer residential mortgages in prime areas around the world. This initially starts with Dubai moving on to Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar, The UK, 6 initial states in the USA including NY, FL, AZ, CA, MA and TX, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.  

Wealth creators and home buyers come together in the ecosystem of cryptocurrency where a home buyer can buy a property 100% “on chain” and investors into crypto currency can benefit from the returns generated by this purchase.

Using smart contracts for the whole purchase process and then storing ownership in an NFT until maturity allows a clear and transparent process from start to finish that is easily validated through the blockchain.

With wealth being created across the globe in cryptocurrency this is now an outlet for the whole crypto community to bring real life assets on chain.

The Central Bank of Blockchain has multiple investment grade products launched through a system called – Staked Token Pool Investments. Investors stake their tokens into a pool and this pool receives returns based on the product.  

NFT Mortgages, Crypto Start Up Finance, Options and Futures and Nodes as an investment are all readily available through TCBOB.

Nodes as an investment are an excellent way for token holders to gain passive income as Node owners are supporting the blockchain while being paid in rewards on a daily basis. Nodes for The Central Bank of Blockchain are a key support mechanism for the blockchain and are set up to be an extremely lucrative investment option.

Start-up finance for crypto has often been overlooked in the world of the VC. Using staked token pools, startups are now able to pitch for investment to a community-led token pool. Staked token holders will lead the way on the acceptance of a project and they will benefit from the huge potential upside for start-up investments into the crypto space.

Pre-Sale registration is now underway.

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