Natural Healthy Concepts Brings Holistic Health Solutions To Customers In The Form Of An Age Old Remedy

Sat Mar 16, 2019 - 8:30am UTC

With the myriad documented benefits of essential oils changing the way health practitioners treat patients and how we as a society treat maladies and sicknesses, it’s no wonder the global essential oils market is set to explode over the coming five years – and Wisconsin-based health consultancy and supplement retailer Natural Healthy Concepts is one retailer that has joined the rapidly growing online essential oils retail market in recognition of its anticipated growth. The global essential oils market is projected to grow to US$27.49 billion by the end of 2022, up from US$17.36 billion in 2017, growing at a CAGR of 9.60 per cent – which is somewhat surprising considering the age-old popularity of these seemingly magical liquid elixirs. Since ancient Egyptian times, essential oils have been consistently used to treat anxiety, fatigue, immune problems and more, with new and novel uses still being discovered today. From citrus fragrances that ease depression, to ginger extracts that help nausea, to rosemary scents that enhance concentration during mental tasks, these highly concentrated non-water soluble phytochemicals are often capable of providing natural health solutions where western medicine cannot.

With Natural Healthy Concepts’ vast range of essential oil-related products including a unique ‘Love-at-first scent’ oils kit containing cinnamon cassia, rose absolute, and bergamot – all of which have uplifting and lively properties to help you feel your best; to books geared toward helping you create the ultimate oil blend; to a ‘put-some-pep-in-your-step’ oil kit designed to rejuvenate and revitalize using a range of uplifting essential oils, customers will not struggle to find an essential oil solution to suit their every need. In fact, there are over 380 essential oil-related products available via the Natural Healthy Concepts website – and even more to be found in-store.

Founded by certified nutritionist and health consultant Theresa Groskopp, Natural Healthy Concepts also offers a well-rounded health and wellness service to the local community in addition to its online and physical retail store. With a team of certified health and wellbeing professionals with over 22 years’ combined experience in the natural health industry available onsite for consultations, a nutritionist to answer any questions customers may have regarding health issues and several other in-store services available, Natural Healthy Concepts caters to every need of those Americans seeking more holistic health solutions. In addition to the wide range of essential oil products, pharmaceutical grade supplements, health products, herbs and vitamins on offer in-store and online, customers will also find children’s probiotics, pet heath products and superfoods for sale for extremely reasonable prices.

“I realised there was a widening gap between the health issues experienced by everyday Americans and the pharmaceutical solutions available to them,” Groskopp said. “So I sought to provide an alternative pathway for them. The result is a company that relies on age-old health wisdom and a holistic product and service offering to serve the health needs of every customer that either walks in the door or jumps onto the online website.”

This news is published on Reuters.

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