NatPay, The Nation’s Leading ACH Provider, Hits the Trade Show Circuit in 2022

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Tampa,United States – March 22, 2022

NatPay is very excited to resume the trade show circuit this spring, with 10 scheduled appearances stretching from San Diego to Tampa Bay and everywhere in between. The first appearance kicked off at the Independent Payroll Providers Association (IPPA) Spring Summit in Las Vegas, NV the first weekend of March, where NatPay showcased a wide range of products and services to great acclaim. The next trade show appearance falls at the end of the month, March 29-31, at The Payroll Group Annual Conference in Memphis, TN. A full list of upcoming trade show appearances is available on NatPay’s website.

NatPay has led the ACH landscape for over 30 years, reconfirming its status as an industry giant yet again as PASBA’s 2021 Vendor of the Year. They received due praise for their efforts and innovations in ACH security at the IPPA Spring Summit.

“It was very engaging, people were very happy to get back to normal—as normal as possible,” NatPay VP of Sales Jim Hagen said. “NACHA acknowledged that [NatPay] is consistently the industry leader when it comes to compliance with their regulatory requirements, and has been for many, many years. We were humbled by the explosion of positive comments about our services.”

NatPay is also taking the opportunity to highlight their Premier Workforce Solutions package at every trade show stop this spring. This branded suite of existing services creates a single seamless payment solution, from payroll signup to tax time. The all-in-one package includes NatPay’s secure direct deposit system, electronic pay stubs, and digital tax forms, among other bundled enhancements such as employee pay cards and free ACH fraud protection.

NatPay’s number one goal is to provide clients with safe and secure payroll solutions. As such, the company’s electronic payroll systems implement industry-leading fraud analysis technology and multi-factor authentication to secure every transaction. And NatPay doesn’t just leave security to automation—they regularly perform manual reviews of reports with every client as well.

NatPay isn’t just focused on helping businesses in the present—they’re also always looking toward the future. NatPay has perfected the end-to-end electronic payroll system, with fully paperless answers to direct deposit, electronic pay stubs, pay cards, tax forms, and more. More than just the largest ACH provider, NatPay is the pioneer of all things paperless when it comes to payroll.

NatPay will be featuring a number of their industry-leading services at every stop on the trade show tour, including:

NatPay’s Direct Deposit Plus, allows companies to upload payroll files from anywhere, anytime, at the tap of a button. Direct Deposit Plus employs an intuitive web-based (and mobile-compatible) interface, ensuring that even less tech-friendly managers can navigate with ease. NatPay delivers payments to employees accurately and on time, so they feel appreciated and empowered.

Online pay stubs also give employees access to their personal payment information whenever they need it. Email and text message notifications come standard, but employees can also connect with their smartphones for instant access. They can rest assured knowing NatPay’s three-tier server system keeps their data safe and secure. Paystub information never saves on computer memory, and personal information like Social Security numbers, account numbers, and home addresses stay suppressed.

Also featured at every trade show stop are NatPay’s Pay Cards, which allow all employees—even those without bank accounts—to participate in Direct Deposit programs. These FDIC-insured debit cards give employees 24/7 access to their money at ATMs and retailers across the United States. Not only do employees save money on check-cashing fees—employers also save on postage, printing, and HR expenses. NatPay aims to simplify payment processes for employees and employers alike.

With online tax forms, NatPay makes it safe and easy for employees to get their yearly tax information when the time comes. Online W-2s, 1099s, and other tax forms streamline the process for employers and employees. Companies can save money and the environment by cutting out paper, printing, and ink costs associated with traditionally paper-heavy tax forms.

“We really are the unmatched industry leader” when it comes to digitizing transactions, Hagen says. “We’re the only one in this payroll industry who offers a complete paperless pay program.”

NatPay will feature all of these tools and services across their tour. It’s not an event to miss, according to Hagen. “I look forward to meeting more businesses interested in streamlining and securing their payment processes,” he says. For more information regarding NatPay’s services, visit their website today.

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